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NAILS | How to apply fake nails to last weeks


After years of trying and trying, I finally managed to find the perfect solution to having amazing and glamorous nails, despite having extremely thin and brittle nails naturally – falsies of course! Now, not any type of faux nails will do though.. I’m sharing what I found out throughout the years!




My natural nails

When I said ‘after years of trying’, I was not exaggerating, okay? I’m pretty sure I have tried almost everything! I really have a love/hate relationship with nails. I love them because they’re beautiful and make you feel so fancy and polished, but I hate them because my natural nails won’t allow me to rock a nice color and shape on the tips of my fingers. They’re extremely thin and they break easily. Same with my hair, by the way.

I’ve tried false nails from a lot of different brands. I’ve tried gel nails (which were great! But getting them done every 5-6 weeks would be a bit pricey), nail hardeners, expensive polishes, etcetera. Nothing really worked (again, except for the gel nails).


Primark nails

A while back I went to Primark to look for some cute Disney clothes that I could possibly use in some Disney inspired outfits. I ran into the fake nails aisle and considered buying a set. Again. Yes, I’ve tried them before, several times. But they don’t last me longer than about two days. I was like ‘screw it’ and grabbed two packs. One of them was a metallic pink set and the other was a french manicure.

When I went to pay for my purchases, this lovely cashier told me ‘oh, those nails are great! I’m wearing them too and they’ve stayed on for four weeks so far!’ I obviously got curious and asked her how she managed to do that. She told me to throw away the glue that comes with the nails and buy nail glue from this Dutch store called ‘Kruidvat’. After I thanked her about a thousand times I went to Kruidvat and bought the glue she mentioned. And when I got home and tried the fake nails – a whole new world opened up to me! *Aladdin’s ‘A Whole New World’ music starts playing*




Frenchies versus color

One thing I did notice, was that the metallic pink nails started falling off after a few days. Bummer, I thought, this glue doesn’t work that well for me after all. Then, a week later, I tried the frenchies. Well, I am happy to inform you that they really did stay on for more than four weeks! I had to take them off myself eventually! When I compared the frenchies to the pink metallic ones, I noticed that the pink ones are thicker and seem to be made from a different material (I’m not sure about the latter). I think that’s why the french manicure nails stayed on for longer. And they also looked more natural. Oh, and just for the record – I painted them a different color after one day, because I’m not into french manicure that much.




Nail glue

Above, you can see the nail glue that saved my nails! I’m so glad the Primark cashier told me about it, because it really is a life changer. It comes with the same application brush as a regular nail polish bottle, so it’s really easy to apply. I just apply a thin coat to my own nails, wait for about 10 seconds and then press the fake nail on for about 20 seconds. After I’ve done all my nails I file the falsies to the desired length and paint them over (optional, of course!).


Fake-faux-nails-manicure-french-frenchies-long-healthy-strong-how-primark-apply-application Faux-fake-nails-manicure-OPI-nailpolish-polish-designer-the-better-glitter-champagne-long-healthy-strong-how-primark-apply-application


Designer… The Better!

I painted them over with one of my favorite nail polishes, that was actually my first OPI nail polish ever! I bought it for the holidays a few years back and the consistency is still great! It’s called ‘Designer… The Better!’ and it’s a lovely shade of champagne gold with a slight shimmer to it.




Do you sometimes wear fake nails? How long do they last?



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