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I ran into the cutest store ever, that also happens to have a webshop that sells fashionable clothes and accessories for very affordable prizes! Big shopping tip! Let me take you there!



You know that feeling of walking into a store and feeling at home right away? There’s this clothing store named ZoYou, about 10 minutes away from where I live, which gives off those exact same vibes! It’s actually an online store, but they also have what they call a physical ‘mini store’, which you can visit by appointment to try on their clothes. Talk about private shopping!


Mini store

ZoYou’s mini store is so extremely cute, it reminds me of cotton candy! It basically looks like a white and pastel pink themed walk-in closet, decorated with flowers, flamingo print and hints of turquoise. The mini store also plays host to fun ladies nights with lots of goodies and discounts.





The best way to get a quick glimpse at what ZoYou has to offer, is to check out their webshop. They sell the cutest clothing and some fun accessories to go with it. Their goal is to sell fashionable pieces for affordable prices, so all their products are below €40!

After doing a little research I found out that the owner of this webshop is also a blogger, and I definitely think her blog is worth mentioning! Quick shoutout! :)


My favorites

Being the irresistant shop-a-holic that I am, I created a ZoYou wish list right away! I’m being genuinely honest when I say that their collection is SO my style – my wish list could go on and on and on, really!




Top row, left to right: Palm tree top | White crop top | Aztec dress | Lace top | Taupe dress

Bottom row, left to right: White lace shorts | Boyfriend jeans | Maxi skirt | Denim shorts | Vogue beanie





Excuse me. :) Here’s a little collage of my favorite Insta photos of ZoYou’s! The one in the middle is ZoYou’s signature quote ‘Life’s a party, dress like it!’ that I recreated in my favorite font! Check out ZoYou’s Instagram for more!


Did you see something you want to buy? Use the code ‘BLOGCONTEST’ for a 10% discount on your order! :)


What is your favorite piece from ZoYou’s webshop?



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