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Why I want to be a Disney Princess

Hi lovely folks! Today I felt like writing a personal post – kind of. I’m basically answering a question that some people around me have asked and I felt like devoting today’s blog entry to it! Prepare for a long one!

Denise Joanne Princess

So, as most of you probably know, I went to audition for Disneyland a while ago. Actually twice, by now! Those are my most popular posts so far, which apparently created huge peeks of unique visitors on my blog on the upload dates! That’s why I felt it was okay to write some sort of a sequel – many people seem to find it refreshing to read something like this among all the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs nowadays.

Up until now, all the people I have told about my ambitions to work as an entertainer at Disneyland have reacted very positively. Some of them responded with an enthusiastic ‘that’s so you!’, and some of them even told me that I would be a perfect Rapunzel or Anna (which makes me very happy, because Rapunzel’s my fave!). But most of them also asked me ‘why did you decide to go for this?’. After all, it’s really hard work both physically and mentally and I’d have to move to a different country for as long as I’m under contract. The best description of my feelings regarding this decision is probably the video below – such strong mixed feelings, haha!



So why did I make this decision? I’ll tell you 13 good reasons!


1. Giving children the best day of their lives.

The first and most important thing, of course, is to make the young ones feel special! And by that I also mean the ones who are young at heart, not just age! ;) I just love working with children. I finished an internship in pediatrics last year and I enjoyed being around the kids so much, I could do that all day!


2. Getting to wear dresses and wigs to work.

No more worrying about the usual bad hair days, because I’ll be having a fancy princess hairdo! Also, I’ll be rocking princess makeup that makes your eyes stand out and your face flawlessly perfect. And c’mon, who doesn’t want to wear a glamorous princess dress to work?! Strolling down Main Street like royalty – literally.


3. Acting, acting, acting.

Ever since I was little I have always loved acting! I really wanted to join this local theatre group for kids when I was younger, but during the auditions you had to sing for the judges. That’s what held me back – I really can’t sing. Studying at a theatre school also didn’t make sense to me, because I had zero experience. Then I found out about the Disney auditions. You don’t have to sing for those! So if I do get in one day, I’ll be an actor – sort of – and so my dream will come true after all!


4. Dancing all day.

I love dancing! As a Disney character you have to dance in parades and sometimes even in shows. Imagining myself doing that brings a big smile to my face!


5. Being part of the Disney Magic.

I just want to experience this. I know some people who have worked for Disney in the past and they all say it’s such a magical experience they will always treasure. Disney has always played a big part in my life so I need to create these memories as well! I want to be part of that world (see what I did there?).


6. Being bubbly and quirky all day long without being judged.

It’s inside of me. I am a bubbly, goofy girl but I hold myself back a lot when I’m with people I’m not close friends with. I always feel like people would think I’m weird or something. As a Disney Princess, I would basically have to be myself – my true self. Of course it depends on the Princess, for example Cinderella is way too perfect and traditional for my quirky personality so I’d really have to act to be her. But I think I would be close to perfect for Rapunzel or Anna, personality-wise.


7. Having my own prince.

Do I really have to explain this one?! Of course, I have already found my prince in real life. But I  do want my own Flynn Rider, okay?! Or another prince, that’s fine too.. :’D


8. Being a role-model.

I think it would be such an amazing and heartwarming experience to have children look up to you with those big, admiring eyes and interact with them to make them feel special! The little girls want to be like you, and the little boys have an innocent little crush on you, isn’t that the cutest thing ever? How cool is it to sign everyone’s autograph books and pose for countless group pictures all day long?


9. Getting to be in someone else’s skin.

I guess it’s because of the fact that I like acting so much, but I would love to actually be that character during work shifts. I’d watch the movie a hundred times and note down things that the characters say or do, so I can always refer back to that when I’d be having a conversation with someone. As Rapunzel I could tell the kids that I’ve been playing hide and seek with Pascal that morning, or that I had hazelnut soup last night and tell them where I went to find the ingredients. I like to get into it!


10. Getting warm hugs!

Who doesn’t want big teddybear hugs all day long?! Olaf and I certainly do!

Tinker Bell Denise Joanne

11. Getting homemade presents.

Some kids will proudly give you a card or a drawing that they made specially for you. Others will surprise you with a creative hand-crafted little piece of art that usually represents the character that you are. I’ve even seen people give snowflake christmas decorations to Elsa or mini frying pans to Rapunzel. I would definitely collect everything, put it in one big box, and take it back home. How amazing is it to look back at that in a few years?


12. Living a very healthy lifestyle.

During the auditions they already explained us they want healthy cast members. They actually monitor when you eat because they don’t want you to skip meals. Plus, even if you’re hired as a face character (a character who shows their real face), you will also work shifts as fur characters (like Mickey Mouse, Eeyore, Buzz Lightyear, etcetera.). Those costumes are heavy. Wearing those for a few hours will make you feel like you had a crazy workout!


13. Meeting life-long friends.

From what I’ve heard, when you’re part of the cast and you’re staying in one of the accomodations, you really do become life-long friends with your co-workers. You spend so much time together and you basically have the same interests and similar personalities. I’ve had a taste of that at the auditions, where I met so many wonderful people!


14. Staying in Paris.

Need I say more? I don’t think so. On my days off I could be taking the bus to Paris and go shopping, sightseeing, eating macarons and shooting outfits for my blog! Maybe I could get inspired being surrounded by so many fashionable Parisiennes!


15. Perks of a cast member.

Obviously this is not my main reason why I want to be a cast member, but it does contribute to the fact that working for Disney is amazing! I’m not going to tell you all the perks, because I don’t think I’m allowed to. But trust me, it’s good stuff! You even get free entrance to all the parks on your days off. Get ready, Space Mountain!


Honestly, after seeing all of these things summed up, the only thing I can say is ‘why wouldn’t I do this?!’


Would you move to another country, leaving your friends and family behind for an uncertain period of time, to chase your biggest dreams?




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