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TRIANGL Swimwear | POPPY Paradise Palms


In this review I’m sharing my first impression of the Triangl Swimwear bikini in POPPY Paradise Palms. My expectations were quite high, so did the bikini live up to that in the end?




Triangl Swimwear

Guys, guys, guys! After writing posts on the Triangl Brigitte collection and on the new POPPY color combinations and mentioning the brand in several personal posts and wish lists – I finally got one of my own! I’m drowning in joy here – save me!


My wallet and I are in a very complicated relationship right now, but it’ll be fine. I passed my final test, which means that I’m officially allowed to finish my studies next year (we are not allowed to start the fourth year of college without passing every single test and assignment from the previous three years). I promised myself that I would buy myself a Triangl bikini if I passed. The morning before the test Lisa told me Triangl was providing free shipping (as opposed to the USD $20 they normally charge), so it felt like fate! Dun dun dunnn…





I placed my order on saturday (so I suppose it got processed on monday) and I received it wednesday morning. Crazy fast shipping – check! Which was free, too! I asked Triangl if the free shipping is permanent or temporary, but they coulnd’t tell me. I guess they’re still figuring that out themselves.




Paradise Palms

I chose Poppy style in the color Paradise Palms. I love the vibrant shades of blue and pink together! It was really hard to pick a style, because I also love the Chloe, Bambi and Lilly styles. In the end I picked the Poppy style because of the different sizing for the top.





Most styles come in sizes XXS – XL for the top. That’s great, but when you’re carrying around some extra boobage, you need a bigger size. However that also means the strap that goes around your torso is bigger (they’re not adjustable in most styles), which might not be what you need. To fix that problem, Triangl introduced the S+ and S++ sizes. That’s basically an S with bigger cups to hold your ladies. Ding, ding, ding! That’s what I need!

I went for an S+, as my bra size is 75D (European sizing). For the bottoms I ordered the M. I usually get S for bottoms, but after doing some research I found out that if you have a little bit of a butt, you might want to size up. The neoprene doesn’t stretch much, so I felt like I needed an M.

Both top and bottom fit me perfectly! Yay for doing good research!





All Triangl bikinis are made of neoprene, which is the same material diving suits are made of. It requires special care, which they explain to you in a cute note that comes with the bikini. Some Poppy styles are made of a mix of neoprene and mesh, Paradise Palms being one of them. The cups and the sides of the bottoms are made of mesh, which looks really cute up close. The rest of the bikini is made of the popular neoprene fabric.


Triangl-Swimwear-Poppy-Paradise-Palms-Review-Impression-Bikini-Blog-Blogger-Neoprene-Mesh Triangl-Swimwear-Poppy-Paradise-Palms-Review-Impression-Bikini-Blog-Blogger-Papers-Return Triangl-Swimwear-Poppy-Paradise-Palms-Review-Impression-Bikini-Blog-Blogger-Papers-Care-NeopreneTriangl-Swimwear-Poppy-Paradise-Palms-Review-Impression-Bikini-Blog-Blogger-Neoprene


I am totally in love with my new bikini and I will definitely buy more in the future. But first I need to repair the damage this one has done to my savings! If you have any questions on sizing or anything else, I will be glad to answer them in the comments below!


What is your favorite bikini?



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