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Sims 4 Fashion Lookbook | Vanity Ladurée

One thing I noticed when playing Sims 4 ‘Get to Work’ is that the new expansion came with the cutest clothing! Today I’m showing you some of my favorite outfits!


Right after the Sims 4 got released, we bought it immediately and I played it.. maybe twice? I know, I’m horrible! Then when the first expansion – Get to Work – came out, we also bought it quickly and I must admit that I’ve been hooked. I barely have any time to play, but when I do find some time, I’m in! One thing I noticed when I created a new sim, is that the new expansion came with the cutest clothing! Today I’m showing you some of my favorite outfits!

Sims 4 Fashion Vanity Laduree


Let me introduce you to my favorite Sim: Vanity Ladurée. She lives together with her creative brother, Charlee (‘shar-lee’), at a lot in Magnolia Promenade. Vanity and Charlee are both young adults and despite the fact that they’re siblings, they’re the best of friends! They have French roots (hence the family name) and good looks obviously run in the family. Our girl Vanity is a fashionista at heart and she runs her own boutique down in Willow Creek (the picture above shows her work uniform!). She mainly sells clothes, beauty products and some fancy interior items. When creating Vanity, I gave her the maximum amount of daily outfits so she can wear whatever she feels like every day. I, myself, am completely in love with Vanity’s wardrobe, and I thought: why not share Van’s style on my blog?



This is probably Vanity’s most casual attire and I think it’s her personal favorite. Whenever she dresses up to go out to another lot or gets out of the shower, she tends to throw on this outfit the most. I know it’s probably randomly generated in the game, but it’s just something that I noticed. :) I love how the brown-ish shade of the shorts is identical to the bandeau bra she’s wearing under the lace top. When I noticed this in Create-A-Sim I obviously had to pick this combination for one of Van’s outfits! She combined this outfit with gold accessories and she chose to let her hair down and wavy. These shoes are so cute, by the way! I would totally wear those myself!

Sims 4 Fashion OOTD Outfit



This is my personal favorite! At first I was hesitant to pick this skirt, but when I – accidentally – clicked this bow cropped top, I fell in love with the combination! This crop top also looked very cute in white or light pink, but I think the mint green fits best. She’s wearing comfortable gladiator-like slippers and for accessories she’s rocking these fabulous black shades and subtle little studs for earrings. Hair up in a high ponytail, and ready to strut the streets, turning heads!

Sims 4 Fashion Outfit OOTD



This outfit screams ‘fashion business woman’, doesn’t it? Wearing these high heels and blazer, Vanity means business! Of course she won’t stray away from cute summer-y colors, so the blazer is a fresh shade of peach, on a creamy basic top. Living in always sunny Magnolia Promenade, she’s obviously wearing cute shorts that I would love to borrow from her for an outfit shoot! The texture looks really interesting! To top it off Van put her long blonde locks into a beautiful French braid (can’t ignore her French roots!) to keep them out of her face.

Sims 4 Outfit Fashion OOTD



For Vanity’s last outfit, I chose to go for a casual yet stylish approach. These high-waisted shorts show off her beautiful legs and matching flats. On top she’s wearing a flowy white crop top with wide short sleeves. The top has a deep V-neck which is made of some sort of lace detailing. Her hair is in a basic low ponytail with some front hair out to frame her face and she’s wearing gold accessories that compliment her haircolor and her eyes.

Sims 4 Outfit OOTD Fashion


Vanity’s brother Charlee owns his own photostudio, and of course his beautiful sister is his favorite model. Below you can find some of their favorite shots that are showcased in Charlee’s studio! Isn’t she gorgeous? :’) Would you like to see more of Vanity or maybe even Charlee? Do let me know in the comments, because these kind of posts are actually fun to do, I think!

Sims 4 Fashion Photoshoot


Did you already play the newest Sims 4 expansion, ‘Get to Work’?

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