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Shopping with me | Shoes

When I go shopping, I have this habit of taking pictures of the things that I really like but can’t buy at that time. For future reference, I guess. I thought it would be fun to post those pictures after a day of shopping! It gives me a nice overview of the things that I’d like to buy, and it could give you guys some inspiration!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went shoe shopping because he was in need of new shoes for spring and possibly also summer. Obviously, when we go shopping for him I also see a lot of things that I like. I was actually keeping my eyes open for Adidas Superstar II shoes (white ones with black stripes), but unfortunately they are sold out literally everywhere. I did run into a lot of other shoes that I fell in love with – let me show you!

Excuse me for the iffy quality, these pictures were taken with my iPhone 4S in very pale lightning from the stores! Next time I go shopping I’ll take a proper camera with me.



I’ve been loving the look of loafers lately! They’re so simplistic and comfy. They remind me of my childhood, because my dad owns a boat and we would stay there and sail around for a few weeks every summer. On these boat vacations, we wore the kinds of loafers you see in the first picture a lot, so they’re kind of nostalgic to me! There’s an overload of cute and stylish loafers in the stores right now, and the ones you see in the pictures above (the ones in the front on the second and third pictures) are my favorites. I noticed that all the loafers that I really liked are gold-toned – coincidence? I especially like the second and third pictures, because they have that bohemian thing going on around the soles! I’m seriously considering buying a pair of these anyway..

Shoes 2 Shoes 7 Shoes 4



Flipflops! Gotta love those. Every year I buy a new pair of flipflops, and these really caught my attention. Again, it’s the boho factore that really attracted me to these shoes.

Shoes 6 Shoes 5



You can never go wrong with a good pair of converse. I loved these ones! Rose gold metallic All Stars – yes please! It’s so different from the standard canvas Converse pairs that I own!

Shoes 1



I own a lot of platform pumps, because they make me look a bit taller than regular pumps! But since they happen to be really out of style this year, I should really get myelf some classic ‘flat’ pumps. For the summer I’m looking for the peeptoe variants and these cream-gold and black ones really stole my heart! Unfortunately they’re really expensive, but a girl can dream!

Shoes 8


In the end I didn’t buy any of them, but I’m still debating if I should go back to buy a pair (or two!) anyway. My boyfriend ended up with two new pairs of shoes and some clothes, and we also bought Mario Party 10 and a Disney Diamond Edition Blu-Ray movie. Despite the fact that I did not buy any shoes, I think our shopping trip was still pretty useful!


Do you think I should go back and buy any of these pairs? Which ones?




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