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REVIEW | MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC20

Time for another one of my little product reviews. This time I’m zooming in on the popular MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in the color NC20.

MAC cosmetics makeup studio fix fluid foundation NC20

Holy moly, you guys! I finally got myself a decent foundation! You might have seen it pass by my latest recent purchases post or on my Instagram or Facebook, if you’re following me (and if you don’t – it’s time to do it now! Free vitual cookies for everyone!) I’ve always used drugstore foundations, but I recently felt like treating myself to a good ol’ MAC product. Man, am I glad I did!



The foundation comes in a black box, like we’re used to from MAC Cosmetics. Inside the box is the actual bottle itself. It’s made of glass, which I think is handy because it’s see-through. It has silver text on it and the lid is a matte black which I loooove! The only downside to this bottle? It doesn’t come with a pump. You have to buy a pump seperately for €5,00 (or USD $10.00)  – yep. I did not know this, so I was stuck with a big gaping hole in my bottle for a while. I applied the product directly from the bottle with my finger, but that is obviously not the most hygienic method. Meanwhile I got myself a pump, which works fine. I just don’t get why you have to pay extra for that. Why, MAC?!


NC or NW

NC stands for Neutral Cool, which is made for warm, yellow-ish skin tones. NW stands for Neutral Warm, which is for cool, pink undertones. Confused? Yeah me too, it feels like those two terms should be reversed. This sales girl at the MAC store told me a handy reminder, though – NC ‘not cool’ and NW ‘not warm’.

I usually go for cool foundations, because my skin is almost as white as it gets. :( However, this time I chose the color NC20, a light but warm shade, because I wanted to experiment a little! And let’s not forget summer is coming up, so we will get gorgeously tan – hopefully! So far this color is actually really good! It makes my face look warmer, exactly what I was looking for, without looking obviously fake!



I like the consistency of the product a lot! It’s not too thick, and not too thin. When I pour a little bit on the back of my hand, it stays there without running out. The formula allows you to blend effortlessly, you can use whatever you like – a brush, a sponge or simply your (clean) hands. I usually go for the latter, out of laziness hahaha! A little bit of this product goes a long way. I only use one pump to cover my whole face! Talking about coverage, it’s amazing! I can cover most of my redness with that little bit, and if you need more on certain spots it’s easy to build up!

MAC cosmetics studio fix fluid foundation NC20 makeup swatch


This foundation really deserved its spot in my daily makeup routine. It was a fair investment, totally worth it! The MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation retails for €30,50 or USD $27.00 for a bottle that contains 30 ml / 1.0 fl oz. If you wish to also get the pump (which I recommend), it will cost you an extra €5,00 or USD $10.00.


– Good (medium) coverage
– Easy to blend
– A little bit goes a long way
– Allows build up
– SPF 15
– Countless different color options, both for warm and cool skin tones
– Looks professional and very Instagram-worthy! ;)


– It doesn’t come with a pump
– It’s a tad pricey
– The formula is silicone-based (not a problem for me personally, but some might dislike it)


What is your go-to foundation?



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