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REVIEW | Cocowhite Oil Pulling Teeth Whitener

What is the most beautiful in a girl? Her smile, of course! I wonder if Cocowhite Oil Pulling teeth whitener can brighten our precious smiles..

Don’t we all want a mouth full of bright white teeth? My lovely friend Ayda sure does, so she ordered herself a box of Cocowhite Oil Pulling Reinvented, which is a teeth whitener product. She was so sweet as to write down her experience and take some lovely product pictures for this blog! Thanks boo!

The following paragraph  is a summary of the experiences Ayda sent me.


Cocowhite Oil Pulling experience

Lacking reviews

Being obsessed with perfect teeth and having spotted this product on several celebrity Instagram accounts (the Geordie Shore stars appear to use Cocowhite a lot!), the Cocowhite Oil Pulling had drawn my attention and curiosity. Before comitting to a new product, I always look up some reviews. I was surprised when I couldn’t find any decent reviews on this product! Just some obviously sponsored YouTube videos and blog posts that show bad quality pictures.

How does it work

When I couldn’t find any reviews, I decided to read into the so-called oil pulling technique. It’s a way of teeth whitening using coconut oil, which binds bacteria and other harming stuff. You take a teaspoon of coconut oil, put it in your mouth, swirl it around for about 10 to 15 minutes and spit it out (don’t swallow!). Cocowhite is made from coconut oil – with added flavor – so it basically comes down to the same thing.


Personal experience

I chose the Minty Fresh flavour, but there’s also Light Lemon and Vanilla Swirl. The box arrived after four working days, which is neat. It is recommended to use the product in the morning, before eating and brushing your teeth, so the next day I started my treatment. As the packaging says – ”cut the sachet along the dotted line, squeeze the contents into mouth and swirl for five to fifteen minutes. Spit out and smile!”. Okay. I did exactly what the instructions said and I immidiately noticed the foul taste – not much mint in this ‘Minty Fresh’! I couldn’t stand it for more than five minutes before spitting it out.

After spitting, I kept this nasty taste and feeling in my mouth, like I just drank a litre of oil. I didn’t manage to complete the last step (“smile!”). Could be just me, so I made my boyfriend – who is very skeptical when it comes to products – try it as well. He didn’t even make the five minutes and spit it out right away. My mom on the other hand kept it in her mouth for ten minutes. Not because she liked it, but because she didn’t want to waste an expensive product.

Now I’m basically stuck with eleven more sachets that are too nasty to use, but too expensive to throw away. I definitely do not recommend the Cocowhite Oil Pulling!



Ayda, her boyfriend and her mother do not recommend this product. Does it work? We don’t know, as none of us has tried it for more than once. Does it taste good? Definitely not! I honestly wouldn’t spend so much money on this product, unless you don’t mind having a nasty taste in your mouth for so long. However, this review is based on the Minty Fresh flavour. Perhaps the other flavours are better!

Cocowhite Oil Pulling can be bought from the official website for €27.91 (£19.99 GBP or $30.34 USD)


– Praised by a lot of celebrities and (sponsored!) YouTubers
– Comes in three different flavours. You can get a mixed box, if you’d like to try all three


– Foul taste (definitely not ‘minty’)
– Nasty oily feeling in your mouth after spitting it out
– Rather pricey for just fourteen satchets

Wow, the cons outweigh the pros here! This is my first bad review! I haven’t tried the product myself, but after hearing about Ayda’s experience, I’m not really into it hahaha! Since there’s not a lot of honest Cocowhite reviews around, we thought we’d share this with you!


Have you ever tried a teeth whitener?



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