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Recent purchases #01 | Sacha, MAC, Adidas

Today was the most productive day! I have such a good feeling about everything right now and I just have to share it with the world! To top this day off I bought some amazing items that I really want to show you guys!


First, the boring stuff! At school my studygroup and I made great progress on our project today! Like really great! We were stuck on this one part for weeks and today we had some kind of epiphany and we got so much done! We only have to work on it for a couple more hours and we’ll be done, yay! That is one of the best feelings ever – turning in school projects, hoping to never do that assignment again!


Turned out our last lecture got cancelled, so we were done early! My college is located in Eindhoven (Netherlands), so I decided to use this free time to go shopping! I was still hoping to run into a pair of my beloved Adidas Superstars in my size, but unfortunately I didn’t. I did buy two other pairs of shoes though! One of the pairs that I spotted last saturday – the gold espadrilles – and also a pair of loafers that had been on my wishlist for quite a while! They were lowered in price (apparently a week-deal) so I just had to get them!

Then I also went to the MAC department of Douglas (a popular cosmetics store in the Netherlands) to ask if they happened to have Whirl, which had been sold out literally everywhere for months. The salesgirl smiled at me and told me it JUST got restocked that morning! It’s fate, haha! (So if you’re looking for Whirl – Douglas Eindhoven has them right now!)


When I got home, I checked the Adidas website (it has become a daily routine) and I noticed that the junior Superstars got restocked in my size! They have a free return policy so I just ordered them! I don’t know the difference between the adult version and the junior version other than the price, so I hope they will be alright! I’m so happy, though!

Oh, and let’s not forget – today is the 59 months anniversary of my boyfriend and I – one month away from being together for 5 years! Maybe that’s the reason I’m having such a lucky day.. Also, tomorrow is going to be a very big day for me, and I’m going to try to vlog everything! I hope my period of good luck won’t wear off after today, because I could really, REALLY use it tomorrow! I’m not telling you guys what I’m going to do yet, but I will soon! I’m really excited!

So, all together, today felt like a really productive day! I got to scratch THREE (!) items off of my wishlist! The black loafers, MAC Whirl lipliner and probably also the Adidas Superstars! This feels SO amazing! I will write some in-depth posts on most of the items that I bought – soon! Now I’m going to take a moment to relax and watch the season finale of Pretty Little Liars. More good stuff! I’m so curious who turns out to be A! I’ve been avoiding social media all day at school, so I wouldn’t run into spoilers! Now’s finally the time..


Did you watch the season finale of PLL yet? Were you shocked?




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