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Personal update | House building, internship, social media

Looks like last week wasn’t one of my best when it comes to my blog. A lot’s been going on, so here’s a little personal update to keep in touch with you guys!


Last week I only got to upload one post. Just one.. I’m quite disappointed in myself, because recently I’ve really gotten into the flow of blogging daily and it’s becoming some sort of relaxation ritual to me. I really missed it last week. Funny how quickly you can get attached to something! I still have a Word document of three pages full of ideas and topics I want to blog about and the list keeps growing by the day. Nope, a lack of inspiration or motivation is definitely not the problem here. But what is?

Time management. That’s my problem. Last week I started my fulltime internship of 10 weeks – and by fulltime, I really do mean fulltime. I start at 8am and I go home around 7pm (8pm on mondays). Then I also have to teach my BodyBalance classes in the evening and I have to work a shift every sunday. Besides that I also have piles of school work to do and one more test to study for. So as you see, there’s not much time left for fun stuff.. Last weekend I took some time to prepare some posts for the upcoming week, but it’s a struggle to get everything done, even though I enjoy doing this so much.

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Also a little update on what’s going on in my life (besides the internship) – my boyfriend and I actually bought a house back in august 2014 that had to be built from scratch. A lot happened and everything kept getting postponed, but I can finally say that next week or so they’re finally going to start building our house! A bunch of houses have already been built and we got to enter one of the existing houses that’s going to be almost identical to ours. It’s so amazing to see what everything’s going to look like and I can’t wait to physically enter our own house! If everything goes according to plan, we can move in mid january 2016! The picture below shows the already existing houses. The big grassy dirt area is where they’re going to build our house very soon!

If you would like to see an in-depth post on our house building – do let me know in the comments!

Koolhoven Buitenhof Tilburg



Last weekend and I managed to prepare some posts that will be publishing this week, so it won’t be as quiet here as last week (phew!), but when I do happen to skip a day of blogging, I will still be active on social media. I post on Instagram daily and I also try to interact on my Facebook page every day or two. If you would like to follow me, go ahead!

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How do you manage to blog frequently while having a busy offline life?

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