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PERSONAL | Finding a niche


It’s been quiet here. I’ve been MIA, and I feel really bad about it for some reason. I know, I know – ‘you don’t have to apologize, it’s your blog’, yeah.. I know. But I’ve been feeling bad for another reason. The fact that I’ve kept some distance from my blog the past few weeks made me realize something. Something I think I have known for a while.



Of course, the reason behind me being away for a couple weeks was because of vacation. Since I was having a break from school and work, I decided to leave blogging and social media for what it is, too. The week after my vacation I had some stuff to take care of and I also got a nasty root canal procedure done that didn’t go as planned, which means I’m in pain right now and I have to go through it again next week – umm, I’ll spare you the details on that. :’) During my vacation, however, my blog was on my mind constantly. I couldn’t not think about it. Something was bothering me. A lot.


No purpose

The thing that has been bothering me is that my blog has no purpose whatsoever. It feels blanc to me. A blanc space that I used to flood with daily posts, in attempt to fill up the space and make it to my liking. Didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every second of it (except perhaps for those times photoshop froze on me, the CSS didn’t do what I wanted, when I looked at my expenses after buying stuff ‘for the sake of my blog!’, when I deleted posts that I had been working on for hours because in the end I disliked them — yeah, you get my drift.. hahaha), but it just didn’t feel right in a very weird and unexplainable way. It wasn’t unique. It wasn’t standing out from other blogs. It wasn’t – well – I wouldn’t say it wasn’t me, but it was just not as close to my heart as I wanted it to be, I guess..? Oh, look at me, I don’t even know what I’m saying. That’s how confusing this situation is!

What I’m trying to say – I love reviewing products, I love posting outfits, I love sharing my favorite webshops or items or whatever, I love it all! And I want to keep doing it! But I don’t want it to be the main purpose of my blog. I have been having this idea.. This new direction I would love to go with my blog. To make a big U-turn and follow my heart, you know?




Disney niche?

It is no secret that I love Disney. I have ambitions to work at the resort in Paris as a character performer and parade dancer and there’s no denying that Disney is a big part of me. And that part has been growing the past months, really. It’s not just the movies that attract me and make me feel like a happy potato. It’s actually the brand that I love and adore. I have never watched a Winnie the Pooh movie, but I like drinking from my Eeyore mug. I’m not into the Bambi movie, but I have the cutest Bambi t-shirt. I think the old skool Peter Pan movie is kind of annoying and childish, but I freakin’ love that kid (and let’s not forget my sweetheart Tinker Bell). Yes, it’s the brand and the relatable characters that I’m into. Thank you for intoducing them to us, mister Walt Disney! Sigh.. Walt’s a genius.

This new idea that I’ve been having for my blog is actually inspired by some YouTubers that I have been following for years (Traci Hines in particular). They are so focused on Disney, and I love it! Everytime I watch their videos or social media activities, I keep thinking “I want to do something like that too!”. I never really attempted to, because I thought my readers wouldn’t like it. But, what the hell?! It’s my blog! And I should do whatever makes me happy!

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to sing (I won’t do that horror to your ears, or mine) and I’m also not going to cosplay or whatever. I just want to incorporate Disney into my blog more! I want to focus on stuff like.. How to do Disney Bounding (dressing up in colors or items inspired by a Disney character, not actually similar to the character) in a casually wearable way, or how to do your hair or makeup like a certain character. I would love to upload outfit posts wearing Disney shirts or accessories, showing how to wear them casually without being an obvious in-yo-face ‘Disnerd’. I would love to share hotspots or must-sees in the Disney parks. All that kind of good stuff.

The only thing I’m not sure about is HOW am I going to do this?! I don’t have that many Disney clothes or accessories, and as Disney is a very popular brand, it’s expensive to just buy everything! Once I’ve sorted that out, I might want to put this plan in action. Any advice on the matter? Anyone?





Excuse me!

In a weird way I feel ashamed for sharing this, because my followers pressed that ‘follow’ button because they wanted to see more of my posts, the way I used to make them. Not for this Disney ‘nonsense’, right..? :’) Well, I guess some will unfollow, and that’s totally okay! I don’t want to annoy my followers who are not interested in Disney-related content, that would make me feel really uncomfortable. I’m that weird person who feels guilty EXTREMELY easily, and does anything possible to avoid those kind of situations. So in advance – SORRIES!

If you really don’t like this new direction I might be going in – don’t worry, I will still be uploading regular reviews, outfits, how-to’s, lists, etcetera, like I used to. In fact, I have a few lined up for publishing, so definitely stay tuned for that! And of course I’ll be sharing lots of home- and interior-related stuff once we move into our new house! In the end the changes won’t be as overwhelming as I am making it seem, I suppose. I’m thinking of a weekly recurring colum – say, Disney tuesday (why isn’t there a day that starts with a d-?!).


I’m extremely sorry for this huge wall of text! Sowwy, sowwy, sowwy! Here’s a cookie (chocolate chip!) and a big viritual teddybear-hug if you’ve read it all. I just wanted to get this off my chest, and I’m kind of curious what you guys have to say about it..


Would you be interested in my new idea, or would you rather have me blogging the way I have since the beginning? Honestly!



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20 Responses to PERSONAL | Finding a niche

  • Do what you want to do! I made the exact same decision a couple of months ago about the Efteling and although I didn’t incorporate the subject in my blog as much as I would like to, it really feels good to write about something I’m so passionate about! So set up a plan (you already have some awesome ideas!) and follow your passion! I would most certainly keep following you! I love Disney!

  • Lekker doen waar je zelf blij van wordt! : )
    Liefs Iep

  • Jaaaa een Disney dag zou leuk zijn! Ik dacht eerst ook dat je alles in t thema wilde doen, maar dat zou inderdaad heel duur zijn. (Primark helpt overigens wel door cheap dingen te verkopen!!) Een wekelijkse rubriek is een goede en leuke oplossing! Ben heel benieuwd hoe je m gaat invullen! :)

  • You know i love disney, of course ill keep coming!

  • Doen doen doen! Lijkt mijn hartstikke leuk :) Het is orgineel en je word er zelf ook blij van. Ik ben heel erg benieuwd :)

  • Follow your dreams babe <3 <3 Besides who doesn't love Disney?! :D

  • DISNEY DINSDAGDGSAGDA JAA. Dus gaan we nu elke Dinsdag even naar Disney?

  • What a good – wait what? GREAT! – idea to follow your heart. It is your blog and your life. You should definitly do more of what makes YOU happy. And your blog is a part of that. So if you want to go into that direction. Please, do! Besides that: I love Disney too! And your ideas seems so much fun!
    I’m not yet sure of my niche. Though I do what makes me happy. I write about stuff I like and I love. And I don’t have a particulary thing I love the most. I like so many things that I choose not to have a niche I guess. And it is okay by me. That is also the reason why I barely do anything with my beauty blog and I started a new (life and fun) blog last January. So I definitly can relate to your story, though it’s kind of different. I’m looking forward to read you new you!

    • Thank you!! Very encouraging! <3
      It's okay to not have a niche, I didn't thought I'd ever have one! Disney just crossed my mind and it seems fun! :) Plus, I'm still going to post about beauty and fashion as well!

  • Your blog looks great! I love the sleek style and I especially loved reading this post :-)

  • Hey, wat een bijzonder idee!
    Ik denk dat het nooit een slecht idee is om te doen wat je het leukst vind en waar je het meest vanaf weet. Wat ik heb gemerk en wat misschien bij jou ook het beste werkt is eerst een volledige lijst maken met alle dingen waar je over zou kunnen schrijven. Het lijkt me bijvoorbeeld niet zo heel moeilijk voor jou om beauty looks te maken of outfit looks aan de hand van characters, top 10 lijstjes, noem maar op.
    Dan persoonlijke feedback te vragen: zo van: zou jij dit lezen en is het echt alleen voor de die-hard Disney fans of kun je er ook anderen blij mee maken? Je kunt het bijvoorbeeld toegankelijk maken door persoonlijke verhalen te mixen met Disney.
    Echt, goed feedback vragen en luisteren naar wat je publiek wil in combinatie met wat jij wilt doen is een simpel idee, maar werkt echt heel erg goed.
    Ik zou persoonlijk liever 10 lezers hebben die echt snappen wat ik bedoel dan 1000 waarvoor ik standaard content zou moeten maken.

    In ieder geval heel veel succes!

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