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Perks of being a Les Mills instructor

I’ve been teaching my Les Mills BODYBALANCE classes for over a year now, and I’ve been loving every minute of it! Let me tell you why..

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1. Getting paid for working out

Of course I have to pay attention the whole time and put the people in my class first. It’s my job to make sure everyone does the excersizes right and feels the right muscles, while keeping the so-called ‘Fitness Magic’ alive and making it fun! But still, I’m getting a great workout myself as well!


2. Getting to attend fun workshops four times a year

Yep, as a certified Les Mills instructor, you have to attend four events (quarterlies) every year. They’re usually on saturdays, and you get a workshop for every Les Mills program you’ve been certified for, as well as masterclasses from some of the national trainers. That way they can keep monitoring if their instructors are active and educate them well. Once every year there’s also a ‘Mega Quarterly’ which is a big event with lots of entertainment and amazing music and artists! The original international Les Mills trainers from New Zealand come over and teach the masterclasses. It’s amazing!


3. Rehearsing new releases every three months

It’s fun and refreshing to do a new routine after three months of repeating the same choreography. Sometimes it’s a struggle to learn a new release in time, as I’m still in school and I also have my exams around the same time every three months. But it’s also a way to take a break from the school stress for a while. I like to put away my books, turn on the DVD player and rehearse the newest BODYBALANCE release on my trustworthy yoga mat.


4. Getting 25% off on the Les Mills X Reebok sports collection

Have you ever wondered where your instructor got that cool outfit from? Probably from the Les Mills collection, available at the Reebok store! They have workout gear for every Les Mills class and they change their collection regularly to keep it unique! As a certified instructor you get a full 25% discount, yay!


5. Getting comfortable in front of crowds

I’ve always been that girl who is pretty nervous doing a presentation in front of the class. When I applied for this job I blindly threw myself in at the deep end – I was up for a challenge! I learned so much from it and gained so much confidence in front of crowds! It doesn’t even impress me anymore – it’s fun!



6. Getting stronger and more flexible

I have really noticed changes in my body, especially in my flexibility since I started teaching BODYBALANCE! For example – in the beginning I could hardly touch the ground with my fingertips (legs straight), right now I can put my whole hand on the ground while keeping my elbows bent. My strength endurance also improved a LOT! When I first started teaching, I had trouble with track three, the ‘Standing Strength’. It’s a track where you’re forcing your body into challenging yoga poses that really require a lot of strength from the legs when you go deep. Right now I don’t even feel them that much anymore!


7. Learning a lot about the human body

For me, this knowledge was already pretty much mastered as I’m a physiotherapy student. But I do know some people who have learned so much about their own body, muscles and joints by following a Les Mills instructor training! I like how I can implement the stuff that I’ve learned at school into my BODYBALANCE classes.


8. Getting an intensive training prior to being certified

Yes, I surely remember the sore feeling after my training days! An instructor training takes three full weekend days, and you’ll be put to the test during those days! Les Mills wants their instructors to be in good shape and health, so they will make you do exhausting excersizes, challenges and two kinds of exams (one of them during the last day of your training and the other one being a video exam you have to record yourself).  I personally loved it and I would definitely do it again!


Do you attend any Les Mills classes at your gym?

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