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PANDORA Store Opening

Pandora, the brand that is best known for their collectable charms, has opened a brand new store in the Netherlands! They have so much more to offer than just bracelets and charms! I took piles of pictures in this amazing new store – so are you up for a photo impression? Keep reading!


Last saturday morning my friend Silvy asked me to attend another event with her – the opening of a brand new Pandora store located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands! Of course I didn’t want to miss this, so I woke up early and joined her. So exciting!

We were welcomed by kind and helpful sellers who had delicious cupcakes ready for us. My first impression of this store was ‘WOW!’. It looks so clean and bright! The interior consists of loads of white with soft pink detailing, and is decorated with eye-catching white bouquets and unique lamps hanging from the ceiling. The showcases are well-lit so the beautiful Pandora items shine up brightly. Everywhere you look you will see white and silver flowers and butterflies, watching over the various rings, bracelets, charms and earrings.

We took our time and shot countless pictures. The people at the store told us a lot about Pandora and especially their new charms. I think we all know their famous collectable charms that you can attach to a bracelet. Well, did you know they actually have a new line of charms? These charms are all about your personality. They represent various traits, such as ‘happiness’, ‘loyalty’, ‘strenght’, ‘curiosity’, ‘creativity’, and so on! They all come in different colors and price classes. Everyone’s bracelet would look different and personal, as every person has a completely different personality. I think that is a beautiful concept!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Panodra collage2 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Pandora collage SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES PANDORA plant SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Before leaving, I promised that I, too, would be sharing this on my blog. And as we left, we all got a goodiebag (and a pink rose!). I actually didn’t expect to get one, as I wasn’t personally invited – I was just a guest brought by Silvy. But they gave me one anyway! I was so excited for what was inside of it, but I patiently waited untill I was home before opening it. When I finally arrived home, I immediately opened it and I was pleasantly surprised with the content of it! They gave us various books and flyers with the newest Pandora collections, a USB stick, a small book with 30 various inspirational moments in Pandora’s way to success, a big book named ‘Good Food’ full of healthy food advice and recipes to transform yourself into a healthier version of yourself in one month (anyone interested in a review, perhaps? Let me know in the comments!) and – you can feel it coming – a starters-bracelet including one charm of the newest collection! We got the soft pink charm that represents love. It even has the word ‘love’ engraved in it.

Did you know that Pandora has their own app in which you can create your own wishlist? Other people can look you up and check your wishlist so they know what to give you for you birthday! One of the sellers told us this, and I thought it was genius!Panodra goodiebag Pandora goodiebag Pandora goodiebag 2Pandora box Pandora charm rose Pandora love charmRose

All pictures above were taken with my Samsung NX3000 systemcamera. It’s actually pretty refreshing to switch cameras from time to time! The Canon 600D is still my favorite, especially for taking close-ups or creating bokeh effects, but the Samsung is great for taking pictures on the go as it’s more lightweight.

Silvy also wrote a great blog post about this event and she shared some amazing close-up shots! Don’t forget to check it out!

Are you collecting Pandora charms? How many do you have?




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