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MAC Cherry Lipliner

mac-cherry-lipliner-red  mac-cherry-red-lipliner  mac-cherry-lipliner-lips-red-review-swatch

I like to think that I am not the best reviewer when it comes to — well, anything! I’m just too naive to be a good judge. So even though you’re seeing this post about a fabulous cherry red lipliner, it’s really just me showing you some pictures and being proud of my new loot. Same goes for the other upcoming product posts. I mean, I have to do something with my very much appreciated Christmas presents other than smearing them all over my face, am I right?! ;-)

I’m gonna be honest — I love wearing my Clinique Cherry Pop lipstick from time to time (more cherries!) but I was missing that nice and polished look of a lipliner base. I was in desperate need of a good ol’ red lipliner to go with this lipstick. I know there’s plenty of good reds out there, but after abusing my MAC Whirl lipliner almost daily I knew I had to get another MAC liner to add to my tiny collection (gotta start somewhere!). After hearing a lot of good things from this liner, it landed on my wish list and my boyfriend ended up getting it for me for a Secret Santa gift! Thank you Secret Santa!

All I can say is that this lipliner has a beautiful deep red color and the pigmentation is crazy! I apply it over my Baby Lips (which is still my absolute favorite lip balm, by the way!) and I find it goes on very smooth and effortlessly. Stays on there pretty long, too! I like to top it off with Cherry Pop lipstick and I’m ready to go!


What is your favorite red lipliner?


Suede button-up trend with AydaMoa

brown-suede-buttonup-button-up-skirt-shirt  brown-suede-gun-pose  blondes-brunettes-make-best-friends  cellphone-phone-iphone-selfie-girls-friends  cellphone-phone-iphone-selfie-girls   brown-suede-buttonup-button-up-shirt-skirt  long-hair-brunette-blonde-friends-back-girls

I’m guessing we are all aware of the current suede button-up trend. To everyone who isn’t — hey, I like that rock you’re living under! My friend Ayda and I decided to team up and create some cute matching outfits, incorporating this trend! The pictures were taken by Silvy at the ‘I LOVE BEAUTY’ event last december.

Ayda just started a blog herself and it’s already looking amazing! She will be blogging about beauty, fashion, personal experiences, her life as a cat mommy, online/offline purchases, books and basically anything that pops into her mind. She is also a starting actress, playing a part in two series so far, so she will blog about all that sorta fancy stuff as well! Check out AydaMoa and don’t forget to follow her!


What Ayda is wearing:

Long button-up shirt: Miss Selfridge
Black jacket: Only
Shoes: Timberland
Watch: Daniel Wellington


What I’m wearing:

Turtleneck sweater: ZoYou
Button-up skirt: ZoYou
Booties: Michael Kors
Bag: Michael Kors
Hair extensions: Foxy Locks


Do you like the suede button-up trend?