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OUTFIT | Wine red

‘Wine red’ sounds so fancy, even though it’s basically the same as burgundy. I guess the word ‘wine’ makes everything sound sophisticated. You know those wine glasses with the word ‘wine’ on it in a decorative font – yeah, I love those. Now let me tell you a secret. I actually really dislike wine – shocking, right?

My mom always told me ‘you’ll learn to like it when you get older’ (same with coffee, and I still can’t stand that either), well guess what? I’m almost 23 now and still not into it. I guess I’ll never grow up after all. I’ve tried different kinds of wine, both white and red, and there’s something about it that I really don’t like. Two years ago, on vacation, we got to order one free drink at this place. Since I already had some bottles of water in my bag I didn’t really need another beverage, but I decided to try red wine again. It was free anyway, so why not hahaha. Well, after one sip I was done. No more.

I wish I liked it though. I want to feel fancy as well..


So today I got to shoot this cute outfit. It’s hard for me to show my personality through fashion during the winter, since I’m not really into wearing pants and coats all the time. So once in a while I’ll go for stockings and freeze to death when I’m out – jokes of course, but it is cold over here. Today was one of those days. I was wearing these tights with built-in over-the-knee socks, which I love with all my life! It just looks cute in my opinion. Paired it with a black high waisted skirt and black Jeffrey Campbell booties (lita’s). To add a bit of color to this black goodness I chose a wine red long-sleeved shirt from the H&M basics collection on top. I do love me some gold – so I went for a gold long necklace and my trustworthy rose gold watch from Guess to accessorize. Of course it does get cold, and at moments like that I like to throw on my very furry jacket.

Wine red

Wine red


Wine red

Wine red


Do you like wine? If yes, did you like it the first time you tried?




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