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OUTFIT | Girly dress


Hi all! Happy August! I have been so MIA lately! Good reasons though, I’m enjoying my summer break to the fullest! Unfortunately that leaves me with less time to focus on my blog – temporarily, of course! But it opens doors to new opportunities! For instance, I have picked up on vlogging!


I’m really sorry for my international followers who would be interested to watch – my vlogs are all in Dutch. It wouldn’t make sense to me to make English vlogs because I simply don’t speak English that much in my daily life! It would feel too fake or forced, so I have decided to stick with Dutch. To my fellow Dutchies, if you are interested to watch, check out my YouTube channel!


While I’m enjoying my break, here’s some summery outfit photos of one of my favorite dresses!


Outfit-of-the-day-OotD-Look-Fashion-Dress-Cute-Girly-Black-White-Sneakers-Adidas-Daniel-Wellington-Hat-Blonde-Blog-BloggerOutfit-of-the-day-OotD-Look-Fashion-Dress-Cute-Girly-Black-White-Sneakers-Hat-Blonde-Blog-Blogger Outfit-of-the-day-OotD-Look-Fashion-Dress-Cute-Girly-Black-White-Sneakers-Adidas-Daniel-Wellington-Chanel-Hat-Blonde-Blog-Blogger Outfit-of-the-day-OotD-Fashion-Look-Sneakers-Adidas-Superstar-Superstars-Dress-Cute-Girly-Black-White-Hat-Blonde-Blog-Blogger


There’s some fun posts coming up very soon, because I can’t stand not blogging at all for three weeks! So don’t forget to come back every once in a while! ;)




How has your summer been so far?



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