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OUTFIT | Casual leather

January was like a blur, it went by so fast! The same goes for february, it’s almost over as well. We can actually start counting down again – ’10 more months to go’.. My most memorable thing of the past month was definitely the four-day trip to Disneyland Paris. Also Valentine’s day was really nice. I woke up to a beautiful bouquet saturday morning! As of now it’s going to be a long wait until another highlight is going to happen for me. I feel that january, february and march are the most boring months of the year. Nothing really happens and the weather is grey and cold. I can’t wait for april, that is usually the month the sun starts shining and the temperatures go back up over here – if we’re lucky, that is.

Last week school started again for me after a four-week break (I didn’t have to resit any exams so I was done early) and I have trouble getting used to it again. The alarm has been going off at 6am every morning for the past few weeks, so that’s not the problem. It’s just getting back into studying that I’m having trouble with. Also, when I go to school I don’t go all out fashion-wise – I just throw on what feels comfortable and I often don’t even bother putting any makeup on. Pure laziness to be honest. That’s okay, but it’s not very beneficial to my so-called ‘fashion’ blog. Am I supposed to share my effortless looks on here? They mostly consist of pale sleepy faces, cozy sweaters and whatnot. Maybe I’ll try that once or twice, but for this post I did throw on something decent yet simple just for you guys!


I love leather pants – there, I said it! I understand that some people may find it trashy-looking or simply don’t like it, but I think it all depends on how you wear it! Take for example the outfit I’m sharing in this post. It’s very simple; a grey long-sleeved top, black pants and sneakers.. not really a head turner, is it? But what makes it special is the combination of textures. I think that the leather goes really well with the stitchy texture of the top, it adds that slight bit of edge that I’m looking for to make an outfit stand out. Leather is an element that offers countless variations in fashion, as long as you tone it down by keeping the rest of the outfit simple and casual. I wouldn’t combine it with for example a leather detail top. No matter how gorgeous the top is, it’s just too much. Leather should, just like prints, be used moderately; it should be a minor detail, not the main part.






What are your thoughts on leather fabrics?




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