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NEW IN | Micheal Kors Jet Set Travel Shopper bag


HOWDY! While I am busy preparing content for my newly born (and heavily loved by yours truly) niche, I thought I’d show you guys my newest ´wallet-killing´ musthave item that I acquired during my recent summer break (and by acquired I mean ‘bought it online, cried a little afterwards, but cheered up when the mailman delivered my long awaited package´) – my first Micheal Kors bag!




In truth, I was always someone who wasn´t into expensive designer bags that much. I just didn´t really care for them. I was so easily satiesfied back then.. And boooyy, did my taste change over the years! I transformed from the girl who wears brandless bags from stores like Primark and  H&M (and van Haaren, for the dutchies among us) to a fashion blog- and Instagram junkie who drools over fancy designer bags – and not just bags of course, but I´ll spare you the long wish list details for now! ;)


First impression

Now, finally, I bought my own MK bag! The popular Michal Kors Jet Set Travel shopper in the color black, that is. My first impression was ´WOW´! Current thoughts, after using it for a couple weeks? Still ´WOW´! This bag is the perfect example of a timeless piece that can look classy yet effortless and goes together with almost any outfit I can possibly think of! I bet it can even jazz up your pajamas if you´d like that for some reason.. ;)





It has a very large zip compartment on the inside, that I like to call the inner bag. That is, because the bag is basically completely open, except for that one big compartment in the middle. That is obviously the compartment that I use to store my keys, wallet, phone and other important thingamabobs. The other compartments are not closed, but they offer easy access to other things you might want to bring, like makeup bags, tissues, hair brushes (or dinglehoppers if you roll like that), sunglasses – you name it.


Quality and durability

I can´t say much about the quality in terms of long term usage, but I can assure you that this bag is one sturdy bad boy! The outside of the bag is made of leather, and overall the material feels very durable and looks like you paid a lot for it (let´s, just for a moment, forget the fact that I actually did). The organization of the compartments and the ´inner bag´ are very practical in use and the long thin straps allow you to wear the bag either around your shoulder or elbow. Or you could just carry it in your hand, of course!


Micheal-kors-MK-jet-set-travel-bag-review-blog-blogger-durabilty-quality-shopper-tote-black-gold-front Micheal-kors-MK-jet-set-travel-bag-shopper-tote-black-gold-front-chanel-sunglasses-roses Micheal-kors-MK-jet-set-travel-bag-review-blog-blogger-flatlay-dust-bag-durabilty-quality-shopper-tote-black-gold-front Micheal-kors-MK-jet-set-travel-bag-shopper-tote-black-gold-logo-review-blog-blogger-durabilty-quality Micheal-kors-MK-jet-set-travel-bag-opinion-shopper-tote-black-gold-front-chanel-sunglasses-roses


This bag retails for about €295 euros (about $338 USD) and I bought it on Zalando. There’s also Jet Set Travel bags that are a bit cheaper, but they have less space and compartments inside. In the end, my wallet still hasn´t forgiven me for my recent summer purchases like this bag and my Triangl bikini.. But at least I´m a happy potato!


What is your favorite bag?



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