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NEW IN | Adidas Superstar White


Persistence. That’s what you need to get what you want. After weeks of checking several webshops I finally got my second pair of Adidas Superstar! Or should I say third..




Yeah, I just really needed an excuse to do a fun photoshoot starring these shoes, because I’m IN LOVE. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to love a pair of shoes more than I did my first pair of Superstars, but these babies are fighting for a first place! I can’t believe how white they are and I’m planning on keeping it that way!


Adidas-superstar-superstars-white-sneakers-blog-review-back-logo Adidas-superstar-superstars-white-sneakers-blog-review-logo


This time, I actually got a lower size and it fits perfectly! Phew, no more need for heel strips! Of course I’ll still be wearing my lovely black and white Superstars, but I think I prefer the new ones at the moment!


Adidas-superstar-superstars-white-sneakers-fwis-fromwhereistand-from-where-i-stand-blog Adidas-superstar-superstars-white-sneakers-fwis-fromwhereistand-from-where-i-stand


We actually have three pairs of Adidas Superstars in our household now! My mom also bought a pair of these white gems, since they were JUST restocked when I checked the website! Matching shoes!


What are your favorite shoes?



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