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Life lessons we can learn from Disney Princesses

Most of us have grown up watching Disney (Princess) movies. Are they children’s movies? I think not! Every Princess is unique and has her own strengths and weaknesses. I actually think we can learn from them and have them as a role model! Let me tell you some life-lessons we can learn from each individual princess..



Be creative and keep trying new things to find your talents. Did you know that Rapunzel can do chores, sweep ’till the floor’s all clean, do laundry, mop, shine up, read a book (or maybe two or three), add paintings to her gallery, play guitar, knit, cook, do puzzles, darts, baking, paper mache, a bit of ballet, chess, pottery, ventriloquy, make candles, stretch, sketch, take a climb and sew a dress. Talented little princess, isn’t she?! Who says you can only have one hobby? Time to start on your list! What have you always wanted to try?



Stand up for yourself. You’re not there to please others. People around you can take no for an answer from time to time, don’t feel bad! And when you find men discussing who’s going to date you – tell them all to go fly a friggin’ carpet! After all, you’re not a prize to be won, right?!



Have trust that love will find its way if it’s truly meant to be. Try to be yourself and show your love-interest how much fun you are to be with! Everything will work out right. Even if you’re missing something like.. your ability to talk.



Work hard towards your biggest dreams. It pays off! In life, nothing comes easy, and working for the thing that you really want is a journey you have to experience. You will learn so much and maybe even find your true self along the way. Don’t forget – you’re almost there!



Try to see the good in people and keep encouraging them, even if they don’t see it themselves. And when these people open up to you, you’ll most likely find yourself a new friend for life. You’ll wonder why you didn’t see it there before.



Always stay positive, even when you feel alone or let down. Keep smiling through the hard times, as a smile is one of the most powerful things in the world. Even when life seems so unforgiving, remember that there’s so much to be grateful for. Enjoy the little things, because for the first time in forever you don’t have to be afraid.



Be wise, calm and mature in stressful situations. When you keep your head cool you will find solutions. Be steady as the beating drum. Now don’t try to be steady as the river, because rivers are not steady at all! The water’s always changing, always flowing.



First do what needs to be done, so you can enjoy yourself (and go completely wild!) in your free time. Like Merida who has to act like a well-mannered princess six days in the week. And on her one day off, she enjoys her freedom and climbs the highest mountains! So finish your schoolwork, do your chores, pay the bills. And after all that you will ride, you will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky.



It is never too late to find your true self. Not happy with your life right now? Maybe your time just hasn’t come yet. Perhaps the people around you all seem to be more succesful and happy than you are, but don’t forget – a flower also needs it’s time to bloom. And like Mulan’s father said: “when it blooms, it will be the most beautiful of all”.



Be FABULOUS. And of course – don’t try to run away from your problems. You have to face your struggles and grow from it. The cold never bothered you anyway, right? And even when you think the whole world has turned against you, there will always be this one person who still believes in you and wants to help you.


My list is missing three official Princesses – Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White. I just don’t know them well enough. Do you? What do you think we can learn from them?

Who can I learn from the most? Probably Jasmine and Mulan. I need to stand up for myself like Jasmine and I need to remember to not let other people’s success discourage me. My time will come, just like Mulan’s. And when it does come, it will be the best!


Which Disney Princess can you learn from the most?


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