To all the new lovely souls who are visiting this blog – welcome! To all the precious readers of my previous blog – welcome back! I am Denise Joanne, and I present to you this brand new fashion blog!

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Minimalistic theme

Regardless of the colorful person that I am, I’ve fallen for simplicity at last. Despite my love for a rich, colorful and girly layout, my previous blog felt a bit off somehow. Like I wasn’t taking blogging serious – which I definitely am! In a ‘dedicated hobby’ kind of way. I’ll see where that takes me in the future.



Another big change is the fact that my blog is now international. I’ve always been a worldwide kind of girl. Playing an online game on a European server? No way, I’d rather be in contact with people all over the world! So blogging for a Dutch-only audience didn’t feel right to me after a while. I just feel like I can express myself better in English. Switching to an international blog to broaden my reach seemed like the best option to me.


Fitness posts

If you’ve visited my previous blog in the past, you probably know that I used to blog about a mixture of fitness and fashion. I will now be focusing mainly on fashion, with some sprinkles of fitness here and there. After all it wouldn’t feel right to completely abandon my knowledge of health and fitness considering my education and job (and let’s not forget my previous fitness-oriented blog)! Let’s say you can expect to see a fitness-themed post once every few weeks. Those posts can range from healthy lifestyle tips to fitness routines – do let me know what you’d like to see!

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Upload frequency

So now that I’m running this new blog, I do want to start posting more frequently. However I’m not going to keep to a tight schedule of uploading daily. This way my blog posts will be more impulsive and true. I feel that, when I’d make myself post on scheduled days or times, blogging would feel too forced for my liking. I want to post stuff because I feel inspired, not because it’s an obligation! In every post I will not only show you one of my outfits, I will also tell you something – a little story. It’s either something that I experienced, my interpretation of an inspiring quote I heard, or a life lesson I’d like to pass on. I’m going to try to spread positivity with every blog post.


I am just me

Last but not least, I’d like to get this off my chest, to prevent possible discussions or negative comments. I know I’m not the most perfectly photogenic person around. I’m no model material like some bloggers are and I’m definitely not claiming to be. I’m just willing to share my personal style with the world in the shape of an online blog – this blog! Yes, I wear fake hair in some pictures (always having the same hairdo and –length is so boring, no?). Yes, I mix cheap and expensive brands (mostly cheap, haha). And yes, my style may not appeal to everyone out there. After all – no one’s perfect, and everyone has their own taste. As it should be!


I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you will leave feeling inspired or with a smile on your face. I’d love to stay in touch with you, so don’t forget to come back and follow me on social media, if you’d like!


Do you have a blog? Share it in the comment box below!


Love always,  



  1. Ellen
    January 27, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    “Playing an online game on a European server? No way..” HAHA I see what you did there.
    Anyway, I adore this simplistic style :D Great job! Looking forward to your next entries.. <3

    • January 27, 2015 / 1:00 pm

      IKR hahahha. That’s so totally not a reference to MS.

  2. February 12, 2015 / 8:22 pm


    Wat leuk dat je een Engelstalige blog hebt. Het lijkt me ook heel fijn om contact te hebben met mensen over heel de wereld!

    Toffe blog! Ziet er heel leuk uit!

    Je hebt er een volger bij!

    X Senna

    • February 13, 2015 / 7:53 am

      Dankjewel, je bent een schat!
      Jouw blog ziet er ook leuk uit zeg!

  3. May 15, 2015 / 3:39 am

    I completely understand and agree with you.
    Blogging should not be an obligation.
    Always write with passion! :)

    • May 15, 2015 / 1:06 pm

      Go you!! :D
      Blogging with true passion is the way to a successful blog. <3

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