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Insta Inspiration | ferdalump

Sometimes when I’m browsing the internet I tend to run into something very inspirational. That’s how I found this Instagram account a while back. You know I enjoy anything related to Disney, and this little girl is basically living my childhood dream! Cuteness overload!

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Meet Lane

So this beautiful little gem in the pictures is named Lane. Lane is a big fan of Disney (and much more!) and her mommy happens to be a natural at sewing, how convenient! They pay a lot of visits to Walt Disney World and for every visit, Lane’s mommy makes her a new dress. Most of them are based on Disney Princesses or other characters. Lane truly rocks every dress proudly with her beautiful long hair and the Princesses are always so excited to see her again and admire her mommy’s newest masterpiece!

She also loves the handsome Disney men, and isn’t afraid to get close to them – very close! When you scroll through her Instagram feed you will see lots of hugging with Princes, especially the one and only Flynn Rider (you go, girl!)! Isn’t this girl the daughter that every (Disney loving-) mother wishes for?!


As you know, I’m a very big fan of the Disney Princesses myself. ;) So when looking at Lane’s Instagram, I get filled with so much joy! I love to see the interaction between her and the characters in the pictures and the short clips!



Are you also in love with this little girl and her dresses? Her Instagram account is called ferdalump! She also has a very entertaining Youtube channel on which she shares her best Disney moments.


Which one of Lane’s dresses is your favorite?

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