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Healthy tip | Curves snack & meal bars

We all know that feeling of being busy in life, don’t we? I do! And even though a healthy lifestyle is very important to me personally, I sometimes just don’t have enough time to eat proper healthy stuff. Curves claims to have found the solution to this problem with their new snack & meal bars. I’m trying them out!



Have you heard of it? I had – vaguely – but I didn’t know what it was exactly. Since I got the opportunity to try their newest snack bars, I figured I should do a little research first. So, Curves is basically a way of training your body in just 30 minutes to lose up to 500 calories! Crazy, huh?! I would like to try that someday.. With a name like that, they obviously focus on women in particular. We gals love ourselves some curves, don’t we?!

They recently started selling these snack and meal bars, specially made for the busy power women! The two different snack bars are a quick and healthy energy boost for in between two meals. The meal bar is a bit heavier on the stomach and allows you to skip a whole meal! I personally wouldn’t skip breakfast or dinner though.. Maybe lunch?

Let’s start with the snack bars! They come in two flavors – Blissful Berry Bite and Dreamy Chocolate Crunch. I can’t wait, because it sounds so good!


Blissful Berry Bite

Since the weather was hot this day, I first tried the Blissful Berry Bite flavor! The taste of Blissful Berry Bite is honestly really good if you’re into fruity flavors! It’s really sweet and I like munching on this bar since it’s quite crunchy. The added layer of yogurt makes it look very appetizing and compliments the flavor well. I genuinely really, really liked this one!

This one is a quick snack bar that you could grab in between two meals or before or after a workout. It contains 117 calories, which is neat for a snack. A total of 4,7 grams of fat, 2,5 grams of which saturated. I don’t like how almost half of the fats are saturated, but then again it’s a small amount, so it’s okay. 7,0 Grams of carbs is great because that fills you up. Again almost half of the amount (3,2 grams) consists of sugars, but that’s no biggie. I think the 10,7 grams of protein are awesome for a snack! Good for muscle recovery after working out.





Dreamy Chocolate Crunch

If you like dark chocolate, you’ll love this one! Personally I’m more of a milk chocolate lover though. The texture of this bar is a bit crunchier than the Blissful Berry Bite and the taste of dark chocolate is very prominent. It’s a great snack to keep you going on a busy day!

Looking at the nutritional values, this bar is similar to the previous one. It’s a bit lighter actually and it contains more proteins. One thing that’s really great is the amount of sugars. Only 0,4 grams! I’m very satisfied with these values and I would consider this bar a great snack!






Chewy Caramel Delight

Now onto the meal bar. I don’t like this one. BAM! I said it. The texture of this bar was very mealy and soft. Like the inside of a Milky Way bar (minus the caramel), but a different taste. The promised taste of caramel wasn’t prominent at all. When eating this bar I really felt like I was eating something chemical, not a yummie caramel bar.. Pity! On another note, the bar did fill me up quite well. I had it for lunch at 12 and I didn’t get hungry until 3-4pm, which is usually my quick snack time before dinner. So it does its job well, you just gotta like the taste.

So, looking at the information on the wrapper, this bar contains lots of vitamins and minerals – great! It’s small amounts, but every little bit counts, right? The nutritional values are interesting. This bar contains 207 calories, which is not even close to a proper meal. The fats and the sugars are low, almost similar to the snack bars even! I looove the amount of protein – 21,4 grams! That’s great for muscle recovery and the 16,7 grams of carbs fill you up. Looking at these values I’m quite satisfied, I just wish it was tastier!




As I expected from the beginning, I’m more of a fan of the snack bars. They’re great for in between two meals and their nutritional values are great! I prefer the Blissful Berry Bite, but to someone who’s into dark chocolate, the Dreamy Chocolate Crunch might be favorite! I’m not a fan of The Chewy Caramel Delight meal bar in terms of taste and consistency. The nutritional values however are great and they also contain a fair amount of vitamins and minerals. And don’t forget – I’m not bashing this meal bar. This is simply my personal taste. Perhaps you would love this one, so go ahead and try if you can!

The snack bars cost €1,50 and the meal bars €2,50. They’re available at various gyms that offer the Curves workouts and program.




Have you ever tried healthy snack bars or meal bars? What did you think of it?



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