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PERSONAL | Frustrations, College & Disneyland

Hi there, nice to speak (or type) to you again! I wanted to post this quick personal update because a lot has been going on and I really want to share some stuff. It explains my recent (and temporary!) inactivity on the blog.


So first of all, I’m in my last year of college right now. For the next five months I’ll be doing this huge research that has something to do with physiotherapy in toddlers and write a thesis-like article on it. It’s really interesting, but it’s also very time-consuming and extremely challenging. After all that I’ll be doing a full-time 40 hours per week internship for the last five months. Yeah, this last year is crazy. My fellow Dutchies who have graduated college know what I’m talking about. So that’s what’s up at school. This does not stop me from blogging, but it does limit my free time heavily.

Then – there’s something that messes with my feelings. I just don’t know how to feel about it. You know I’m in the process of auditioning for Disneyland Paris, right? Well, last tuesday I passed my third audition. I’m in. I have the opportunity to work at my favorite place on earth.. Why do I not sound excited? Because yesterday I sent them an e-mail, saying that I am not able to go to Paris and that I have to turn down the contract. That was, without any single doubt, the worst and most difficult e-mail I have ever sent in my life. It took me 10 minutes of staring at the ‘send’ button before I could do it. You see, I can’t just postpone this last year of college. I have to finish this. So that means I’ll have to audition again in about six months and hope to pass – again..

My head has been spinning ever since and I’m so not focused on school. In fact, I really hate school right now (more than I usually do, haha) because it’s literally standing in the way of my dream. A dream that many people have but only a few can achieve. It’s so frustrating!

Anyway, I’m looking into dancing classes right now, because I want to up my game to increase my chances of passing the audition again next time. The problem is – literally all the classes that I would like to join are on tuesday evenings. And that’s when I have to teach my own BodyBalance class. Gahh, I need some help from the universe here, haha! It’s not working with me!

So I think you understand that I haven’t had time or energy to sit down and blog for a while. But I actually do have some posts lined up to get published, so you will see those next week. I’m sorry for all these tiny little frustrations in this post! I usually don’t do that, but I just wanted to let you guys know what’s up. Plus – writing it out really helps me. It’s therapeutic. ;-)


So what have you been up to lately? Any frustrations you want to share? Let’s be frustrated together, haha!



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16 Responses to PERSONAL | Frustrations, College & Disneyland

  • Hey! Congrats on passing your audition, maybe you can do it when you finish college? I am sure if they want you now, they will want you again in a few months time! I am looking into auditioning myself, and I was just wondering – was it a fur character contract you were offered or a face one? Just wanted to know because you would make an awesome Aurora! :) How did the audition go?

    • Thank you so much! I am going to audition again when I’m done with college, yes. But that doesn’t guarantee me to pass, of course. By then they won’t even recognize me anymore, so it’s just based on luck. Anyone can have a bad audition day. Plus, so many factors are involved in the cast director’s choices, like the characters and heights they need at that moment! So basically I have to start at zero again. But it’s okay, I’m going to try my best again. :)
      I was offered a fur character contract, because my dancing round was bad. Just really bad. And to be a face character you must be a dancer. I had one of those bad audition days, haha! But apparently they needed my height and my animation skill was good enough to get a fur-only contract anyway. Then again, when you’re in Paris, you can keep auditioning to get another contract. So if I was a fur-only, I would keep auditioning while in Paris for a dancing part and hopefully a face contract.

      • Amazing! Good for you for making that hard decision to pick college first – Disneyland Paris is always going to be around and is always going to need more people working there, whether or not it’s fur or face! So you can finish off your studies and then you will have all the time in the world to audition! Well done to you for securing that contract! Do you know if anyone got through as a face character at your audition? I saw on one of your previous blog posts where you got to the third round as a potential face (which is so good by the way!), so I was wondering if anyone got to try on the wigs in your city? :o Or was it mainly boys and fur contracts?

        • Last tuesday six people were picked to try on wigs. Four boys and two girls. I know that one of the boys got a face contract. I don’t know if the others succeeded, though.
          Back in june.. Well, I don’t know the exact amount of people who got to the fitting part, but I do know at least four girls and two guys who tried on wigs and did not get picked after that. Two other girls did (maybe more, I don’t know about that!) and one of those two hasn’t heard anything yet. So only one person actually went to Paris as a face in the end. Two of the people who tried on wigs in june and did not get picked after that received a fur contract last tuesday, just like me.

  • Omg, dat is zo naar!! Wat ontzettend kak dat je dit hebt moeten opgeven! Stiekem krijg je kudos van me dat je zo graag wilt slagen en zo je best voor je studie doet, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat het een nare bijsmaak geeft :( Meis, bij de volgende auditie rock je het gewoon weer! En dan ga je je droom waarmaken!

    • Ik hoop het zo, Yvette! Het stomste is nog dat ik samen met twee vriendinnen was gegaan die allebei niet meer studeren en zo konden vertrekken, en die zijn naar huis gestuurd. En uitgerekend ik – die mee ging voor de ervaring, niet om een contract te krijgen – ben dan degene die de auditie haalt. Vind het zo jammer van deze situatie, maar ik vind het vooral zuur voor mijn vriendinnen, die nu ook weer lang moeten wachten tot hun volgende kans!

  • Congrats on passing, that’s amazing! I think you made the right choice staying in school and I’m sure you’ll get another shot at Disneyland. And it’s a good thing, because now you can spend the time finishing school and improve your dancing ;)
    But seriously, congrats on even getting offered a contract! Absolutely crazy! Well done xxx

  • Ahhhh ik baal echt voor je. Ik weet hoe graag je dit wilt en dan is het inderdaad mega zuur. Maar aan de andere kant weet je dis dat je wel geschikt bent, dus dat kan je wel motiveren om t de volgende keer weer zo goed of zelfs beter te doen! De interesse in jou is er dus :D

  • Lees dit nu pas net en ik geef je een heeeele grote virtuele knuffel :( Realiseer me nu pas echt goed hoe kut het voor jou moet zijn:O Sorry meis…Had je graag nog even gezien dinsdag!

    Laten we gewoon nog een keer als je tijd hebt met z’n 3en starbucks(of ijs) gaan halen!
    You can do this girl! X

  • That must be so frustrating wow! Good luck on your next audition girl! <3 Hope you can get it again!

  • That must be SO frustrating woww! Good luck on your next audition girl! <3 Hope you can get in again!

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