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EVENT | Game of Thrones Exhibition 2015

Most of your probably don’t know this (unless you know me in real life), but I’m a total sucker for Game of Thrones! And I got to visit the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Amsterdam! Woooo!!


Yep, you heard it right – this innocent Disney-lover is also into a dark series like Game of Thrones! Totally! Let me go ahead and show you my ‘geeky’ side in this post, hahaha!


Game of Thrones Exhibition

I visited the Game of Thrones Exhibition 2015 in Amsterdam on wednesday the 27th of may – the first day. Luckily it’s not that crowded, since they only allow a small amount of people inside per hour. As expected, they showcased all the costumes and props seen in the latest seasons, as well as big screen shots and banners on the walls. There’s also a lot of interactive stuff – you can get your picture taken and get transformed into a White Walker, get yourself burned by a fire-breathing dragon (in a picture!), take a picture on the Iron Throne, or climb the Wall (that was so cool!! You get these virtual 4D headsets which take you to the top of the Wall, including some special effects and cold wind the higher you get!)

If you haven’t caught up on the series yet, I advice you to not READ any further (the text below the pictures contain possible spoilers). But looking at the pictures itself won’t hurt or spoil anything, I promise! They’re just costumes and props anyway!


 Photo impression


Decorations & Banners

Top left: The three-headed dragon of the Targaryen House sigil on a banner.

Top right: Valar Morghulis. All big characters that have died prior to season five. Rest in pease, all – yes even you Joffrey.

Bottom left: Waiting in line for the expedition!

Bottom right: The entrance hall. Banners representing all the big Houses of Westeros.



Beyond the Wall

Top left: A life size White Walker, next to his spear and a piece of Dragon Glass.

Top right: The skull that the Lord of Bones wears on his head.

Bottom left: Screenshots from on and beyond the Wall

Bottom right: Close up of mister White Walker. I named him Walter. Walter Walker. (Seriously though, how detailed and amazing does he look?!)



Royal props

Top left: Margaery Tyrell’s crown.

Top right: The Hand of the King pin. Worn by Ned Stark, Tyrion Lannister and Tywin Lannister throughout the series so far.

Bottom left: The King’s crown.

Bottom right: The funny looking funeral eye stones that are placed on the eyes of an important person in King’s Landing after they have passed away.




Top left: Daario Naharis’ armor.

Top right: Daario Naharis’ weapons.

Bottom left: Daenerys’ famous dragon eggs from season 1.

Bottom right: Missandei’s dress.



Essos props

Top left: The collar that Daenerys used to lock two of her dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal, in the dungeons of Mereen.

Top right: The remains of the daughter of a man in Mereen. Burnt by Drogon, Daenerys’ third and biggest dragon.

Bottom left: Nails and hammer, used to crucify the masters of Mereen, by order of Daenerys.

Bottom right: The sword of Jorah Mormont.



Daenerys Targaryen

Top left: One of the dresses Daenerys has been wearing in Mereen. My personal favorite!

Top right: Yeah, of course I had to take a picture with it!

Bottom left: One of Daenerys’ dragon children.

Bottom right: A full body shot of the dress.



Stark & Iron Throne

Top left: The Iron Throne!

Top right: Arya Stark’s signature outfit.

Bottom left: Sansa Stark’s dress.

Bottom right: Swords, ‘Ice’ and ‘Needle’.



The Mountain and the Viper

Top left: This part represents that awful scene in season four. The outfits of Ser Gregor Clegane, the Mountain, and Oberyn Martell, the Viper. Oberyn’s spear in the middle.

Top right: Ellaria Sand’s dress and Oberyn’s outfit.

Bottom left: A closeup of Ellaria Sand’s dress and headpiece. It looks gorgeous!

Bottom right: A closeup of Oberyn’s spear.



Purple Wedding

Top left: The poison-filled necklace that killed King Joffrey during his own wedding. Given to Sansa Stark by Ser Dontos.

Top right: Tyrion Lannister’s outfit on Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding day.

Bottom left: Jaime Lannister and Cercei Lannister’s outfits during the wedding.

Bottom right: Margaery’s gorgeous wedding gown and Joffrey’s wedding outfit.




Top left: Double daggers, owned by Tyene Sand, one of Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters that are referred to as the Sand Snakes.

Top right: Viper box. Sent to Cercei Lannister by the Sand Snakes, warning of a potential threat to Cercei’s daughter, Myrcella.

Bottom left: Nymeria Sand’s whip.

Bottom right: Jaime Lannister’s new hand.




Screenshots from season four.



The Wall & Baratheon

Top left: Tormund’s wildling outfit.

Top right: Outfits of King Stannis Baratheon and the Red Lady, Mellisandre.

Bottom left: Stannis’ sword.

Bottom right: Samwell Tarly’s Nightwatch outfit. Behind him is Jon Snow.




Top left: Super cute decorative House sigil shot glasses. Representing the Houses Greyjoy, Lannister, Targaryen and Stark.

Top right: Another shot of the glasses.

Bottom left: The shot glasses and my brand new ‘Khaleesi’ t-shirt. They came in that awesome Iron Throne bag.

Bottom right: One last shot of the sigil shot glasses!




I took so many more amazing pictures, but as it was really dark inside a lot of pictures turned out blurry. Overall I really enjoyed our visit and I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes Game of Thrones! If you want to visit this Game of Thrones exhibition in Amsterdam as well but you don’t have any tickets – this sunday is your chance! You don’t need tickets that day, you just wait in line! Make sure to be on time, though! Check out the website for further details.

The Exhibition has already been in London, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Berlin and now also Amsterdam. It’s coming to Paris soon!


Who is your favorite character in Game of Thrones?



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