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Easter Nail Art

Hi there, lovelies! As you know, Easter is just around the corner! There’s two huge reasons why that makes me very happy – chocolate and pastel colors. Speaking of the latter, your nails should totally scream pastel during the Easter times! That’s why I’m sharing some cute pastel colored Easter nail art designs in this post!

Glitter pastels

How about painting your nails in different pastel colors that compliment each other? That’s cute as it is, but to make is stand out a bit more I added silver glitters to the bottom of the nails, above the cuticles. A touch of glitter never hurt nobody! Unless you get it in the mail of course..


Easter nails pastel glitter

Gradient pastels

I likey! Even after doing it numerous times, I’m still impressed by how easy it is to create an amazing ombre effect on your nails with a simple sponge. In this design, the white really stands out and attracts the eye to your nails while the pastel colors make it look cute and innocent and – well.. Eastery! I think that this design would look really great on someone with beautifully shaped nails! Way better than how it looks on my short and brittle nails, haha!


Easter nails pastel ombre

Glitter mint

I think this one is my personal favorite out of all of these. I just love this mint shade! And of course, I couldn’t resist adding in some gold glitters. Oh, how I adore the combination of mint and gold! The whole nail of the ringfinger is covered in glittery goodness, while the others only have a glittery bottom part.


Easter nails mint glitter

Funky pastels

For the people who like going all out on their nails – here’s an idea. I just did whatever popped up in my head at the time, and this is the result. Crazy party going on on my hands! The possibilities are definitely endless in this one!

Easter nails pastels

Gradient glitter pastels

This one’s also really cute. I chose to do the ombre effect again, sticking to the same colors on all the nails; baby pink and lilac. And of course – more glitters! I quite like this one and I think it’s totally wearable during both spring and summer.


Easter nails ombre glitter


Which one of these designs do you like the best?



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