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Disney Tag

I filled in the cutest and most awesome tag – the Disney tag! Let me tell you about my favorite princes, princesses, villains and sidekicks. Can you sing along to my favorite songs? And what about your favorites?

Since I’m still quite new to the blogging world, people might not know yet, but – I LOVE DISNEY! You will see more Disney-related content on my blog in the future, as I’m actually collecting certain Disney items and will be sharing that from time to time. Also, if you’d like to see some of my items every once in a while, make sure to follow my Instagram account! Ok, back on topic – I ran into this Disney tag a while back and I immediately knew that I had to share this someday! I’ve been waiting until I had some more content on my blog (I don’t want my blog to be filled with tags in the beginning), and now I finally feel okay with posting it. So ‘come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly!’

I found two different Disney tags, so I took the opportunity to merge them together!


What is your favorite Disney movie?

To answer this question I’d have put all the movies in different categories, because I simply don’t have one favorite. My favorite ‘new era’ Disney movie is Tangled. I’m just extremely attached to Rapunzel and I adore the storyline and the other appearing characters. My favorite 90’s Classic is either The Little Mermaid or Aladdin. For the original old Disney movies my favorite is definitely Peter Pan. And in the category ‘live action movies’ I’d have to go for Pirates of the Caribbean. I often forget that’s also a Disney movie, because it doesn’t give you those classic Disney vibes, but I do love it!

Now I feel bad for leaving out movies like Mulan, The Lion King, Pocahontas, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Toy Story, etcetera.. Tough choices!


What is your LEAST favorite Disney movie?

I’m sure many people will disagree, but personally I never felt anything for Jungle Book, Mary Poppins and Snowwhite – yes, Snowwhite! I’m sure there’s more, but those three are the ones that popped up right away.


What is your favorite Disney quote?

I love ‘Go live your dream’ from Tangled. It is said by one of the thugs at the Snuggly Duckling, right before Flynn and Rapunzel flee through the secret tunnel. Flynn tells him he will, but the thug was actually referring to Rapunzel’s dream to see the floating lights and responds with ‘Your dream stinks.. I was talking to her.’ That cracks me up every time!

I also love when Flynn tells Rapunzel ‘You were my new dream’, and Rapunzel responds with ‘And you were mine’. It’s so sweet and sad at the same time!

Rapunzel quote

Which Disney prince is your favorite?

Eugene Fitzherbert! Also known as former thief; Flynn Rider. He’s not just my favorite because he’s in Tangled, I just genuinely LOVE his attitude, his sarcasm and the faces he makes (‘here comes the smolder..’). And let’s be honest – he’s not looking bad either! Before Tangled came out, Aladdin was my favorite Prince, and I still love him heaps!


Which Disney princess would you want to be?

For me, this is the easiest question out of all! I’d want to be Rapunzel! Rapunzel is basically my alter ego. I see so much of my personality in her. Also, I have a ‘little’ obsession with pretty hair, so naturally I can’t keep my eyes off of hers. Especially when it’s braided with the flowers sticking out! To top that off, she’s the only princess with green eyes – like me!


Which Disney character are you most alike?

The last question basically answered this one already – Rapunzel!


I would go running, and racing, and dancing, and chasing, and leaping, and bounding, hair flying, heart pounding, and splashing and reeling, and finally feeling, that’s when my life begins!’ – Rapunzel


What is your favorite Disney song?

The easiest question is apparently followed by the hardest. I really don’t know! There’s so many songs that I love, I can’t pick just one! I guess I’m going to have to go for the reprise of ‘When will my life begin’ from Tangled. It’s a short one, but it’s very meaningful to me.

OH! I have to mention this one, since it’s also a Disney song, in a way! Magic Everywhere always puts me in such a good mood! It’s the song of the 20th anniversary Parade of Disneyland Paris and hearing it brings back so many precious memories. Same goes for Just Like We Dreamed It, which is the 15th anniversary Parade song. I’ve seen both parades, that’s why they’re extremely nostalgic to me!


Who is your favorite sidekick?

Tinker Bell, obviously! Tink’s my girl, I love her little hot headed attitude and her curvy bodyshape! And yes, I am talking about the original Tinker Bell that appears in Peter Pan, not the new animated version of Tinker Bell (she’s cute too, but she changed so much).


Who is your favorite villain?

The seagulls from Finding Nemo! Seriously – they’re listed in the official list of Disney villains, how funny is that! Even afting seeing them a million times, I can’t keep myself from smiling when I hear them go ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’, they’re so silly and cute! For the ‘real’ villains I’d go for Scar from the Lion King.

Rapunzel Flynn drawing

What is your favorite Disney park?

As of now, I’d have to say Disneyland Paris (both the main park and the Studios park), since it’s the only Disney resort I’ve visited. But a visit to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is on top of my bucketlist! I HAVE to visit the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and also the Studios and the Animal Kingdom, of course! I’m pretty sure that Walt Disney World is then going to be my favorite park! I would also love to visit Disneyland in Anaheim, California and the other parks as well!


What is your most memorable moment in the Disney parks?

Probably my first time riding the Hollywood Tower of Terror. I was SO nervous I was literally shaking, even though I love rides like that! Something about it really terrified me. But it was so much fun! We went on it five times during that visit!

And I also love meeting Disney characters and taking pictures with them – yeah, judge me! And the parades, don’t forget about the parades!


Who is your favorite original Disney character?

I’m guessing this means the characters that Walt Disney created himself, back when he was alive. Does Eeyore count? He’s my favorite cuddly animal character, but I’m not sure if he’s an original character. If not, then I’m going for both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. They’re both so cute and I love them equally. I like that they have this iconic head shape that everyone around the world recognizes!


Which animated Disney movie would you like to see turned into a life action film?

My first thought was the Little Mermaid, but I usually don’t really like mermaids in life action movies for some reason, so that wouldn’t make sense. I’d probably go for Beauty and the Beast! Good thing that’s actually being made as we speak, with Emma Watson portraying the role of Belle, yay! I just hope the living furniture doesn’t turn out creepy or odd looking. Also Hercules would be fun, now that I think of it!


This was my crazy Disney tag! I love doing these, so if you find any other Disney-related tags or challenges going around, make sure to let me know! Feel free to do this tag anytime, and if you do or if you’ve already done it in the past, please leave a link to your post or video down below or send me an e-mail! I really love reading other people’s opinions on Disney!


What are your answers to some of these questions?




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