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Disney Couture de Force | Elsa & Rapunzel

I’m a Disney girl – always have been, always will be. I can watch almost every Disney movie over and over again (with some exceptions, of course) and even though my singing voice can make your ears beg for mercy, I enjoy singing or humming the melodies of my favorite Princesses anytime, anywhere.

Now, a while ago I went to this Winter Fair where they actually had several Disney stands! Naturally, I checked them all out thoroughly, but one of them really stood out to me, the Disney Magic Store (not sponsored, I just love them!). They had these huge showcases with the most gorgeous Disney figurines. I’m not that much of a figurine person, as figurines tend to get a little overly kitschy, which I’m not really a fan of. But I do enjoy checking them out. They had this one collection called ‘Couture de Force’, and MY GOODNESS, were they pretty! I instantly fell in love! It’s this collection of Disney Princesses (and also some female villains) in AMAZING poses with the most gorgeous detailing! Their hair and dresses were decorated with pearls, gems, glitters, beautiful artwork and, in some figurines, even pieces of fabric! I was basically sold, but I didn’t have enough money with me at that time.


About a month later, my boyfriend and I visited Disneyland Paris, where we ran into the same figurines again! I fell in love all over again and was very tempted to buy one. Then I noticed they were way overpriced in the park, so I assured myself that I’d buy one back home. Good deal. However.. Then comes the inner debate of which Princess I should buy! I was torn between four, actually. My number one will always be Rapunzel, but I also love Elsa, Ariel and Jasmine with all my heart. Choices, choices..


So two days ago, on the 4th of march, it was my birthday! I kind of knew that I was going to get a Couture de Force figurine from my boyfriend, I just didn’t know which one. My number one choice would’ve been Rapunzel, but she was sold out, so it had to be one of the other three. Well, turns out my boyfriend really surprised me with TWO princesses (and also with a sushi dinner tomorrow, yum)! He got me my beloved Rapunzel and also Queen Elsa! I’m still floating around on my pink cloud, I’m so happy with my new babies! Let me introduce them to you and I’ll also review them a little.




Let’s start off with my favorite princess and alter-ego, Rapunzel! She’s really massive and heavy, especially compared to Elsa. She’s wearing her hair in my favorite way throughout the movie – the big, chunky braid with flowers sticking out that the four little red headed girls made. The details are crazy! She has the whole braid-in-a-braid thing going on and there’s countless colorful flowers on there!



Her dress flows to the side and I’m truly impressed by the painting job on the folds (yes, these figurines are hand-painted!). The detailing on the dress is flawless, the whole skirt is decorated with swirly lines, flowers and leaves – they’re not painted, they’re actually etched into the material. There’s also gems on the front of the skirt, probably resembling the lanturns. Her corset is beautifully made and I love the fact that she’s wearing the sigil of her kingdom – the golden sun – around her wrist and neck and also on her shoes.


Couture de Force Rapunzel Face Side Flowers Braid Hair




Queen Elsa of Arendelle – who doesn’t love her? Her iconic icy dress is more elegant and sophisticated than Rapunzel’s girly dress. The figurine is very slim and tall which gives her that more wise and adult-like appearance. Her hair is A-MA-ZING, it’s identical to Elsa’s hairdo you see on the big screen – the way her bangs are pushed back, the french braid from behind and also the color and the shading is spot on! I like how they made her skin so pale with the blushy cheeks like she’s been outside in the cold all day.



Couture de Force Elsa Frozen Figure

One of the first things I noticed is that they really paid attention to her face. Her pink eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, red lips and slightly arched brown eyebrows are perfect! But not only the makeup looks alike – also her expression! That is something that I miss in the Rapunzel figurine. Don’t get me wrong – Rapunzel looks absolutely adorable, but her expression isn’t really Rapunzel’s – her eyes kind of stare into the distance glassy. While Elsa’s eyes really look like the ones in the movie. I think the eyebrows play a huge part in that.



Elsa’s dress is simply gorgeous! The skirt is coated with a metallic looking icy blue color which casts beautiful shadows and highlights on it. The bottom part is decorated with glittery snowflakes. The only part that is missing is the high split – I would’ve loved to see part of her leg and shoe! But it’s fine, I can totally live with this version of the dress, haha! The top part has the shiny scale-like parts – kind of like rectangular sequins, with a big blue gem on top. The cape is supposed to resemble ice, and I think they did an amazing job. They also put pearls around her upper arms, like dress straps that slipped down her shoulders and they gave her a snowflake necklace, a crown, pearl bracelets and a ring.

Couture de Force Elsa Frozen Profile Side Face


I put the girls back in their protective boxes again, and I will keep them safe until we can move into our house. We’re getting a glass showcase upstairs and I’m putting these beauties in there. Hopefully they will one day be reuinited with Jasmine, Ariel and possibly also Tinker Bell!



Couture de Force Rapunzel Elsa


Do you like the Couture de Force figurines?




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