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CHANEL No. 5 after bath pressed powder

I know I’m not alone when I tell you that I love mostly anything Chanel-related! From cosmetics and scents to accessories and bags – they got it. Here’s to the Chanel No 5 After Bath Pressed Powder.




Coco Chanel No 5 After Bath Pressed Powder

This product actually has been lying around collecting dust for quite some time now. My mother got it as a christmas gift from her work once. When I ran into it a while back I got really happy, as Chanel products are so Instagram-worthy! ;) After taking my time getting to know this gorgeous packaging better through the lens of my trustworthy Canon, I decided to actually use the product – shocking, I know right!

As the name obviously implies, this pressed power is supposed to be used after taking a bath or shower. It can be applied all over the body and will leave your skin smooth and scented.





The Chanel No 5 After Bath Pressed Powder product sits inside a luxurious looking container, with a big gold CC logo engraved into the shiny black lid. Just to ensure you are actually using an authentic Chanel product. ;) The container comes in a black and white box with gold detailing, that I simply cannot throw away because it’s too beautiful – dang it, Chanel! The lid of the container opens with a rotating lid, revealing a big chunk of shimmering light baby pink pressed powder. Inside is also a very soft powder puff for application.








I use the provided applicator – the powder puff – to apply the product all over my body. A little bit goes a long way! The powder transfers from the container, to the power puff and then finally to your body seamlessly and it allows you to blend really well and thouroughly. Blending is a must, because when too much product is piled up, it will make you look a bit pale and pinkish. I especially like using this pressed powder after shaving as it will smoothen the skin even more! I seriously can’t stop touching my legs afterwards!




Chanel No. 5

The scent of this pressed powder is that of the iconic Chanel No 5. It is said to be a softer and more toned-down version, used to either have a hint of Number five around you, or to enhance the smell of the perfume when used together. Chanel No 5 is actually not one of my favorites. It reminds me of baby wipes, in a way. The perfume is just not my thing, but this pressed powder actually does smell really good after a while. It smells fresh and.. well.. clean!





This product will make your skin feel silky soft and smell like the iconic Chanel Number 5 scent. When blended well, your skin will look matte with a VERY subtle and sheer shimmer. You won’t be able to stop touching your skin, so I say this is a great product that does its job very well! Perfect for a night of relaxation and pampering yourself.

Chanel No 5 After Bath Pressed Powder retails for around €56,70, but it differs from store to store.


Do you use any after bath products?



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