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Let’s catch up (& suggestions please!)


Ahh! The light.. it burns! It’s been ages since I last updated my blog and I get a painful feeling in my stomach when I think about it.. So let’s not mention it again! Basically, I just wanted to catch up a bit. I’m doing a fulltime internship of over 40 hours a week right now, so that explains my lack of activity. The first week of july will be the final week of internship, so until then I will mainly update my instagram, instead of my blog. So if you’re interested in seeing some activity, you can follow me there!

Other than me being almost done with college, some other important stuff is happening soon. For starters, the date of our move is coming closer and closer now! Once we get the keys, I’ll be vlogging everything! Partly because I like sharing this important step in my life, but also to keep track of the progress and to be able to look back to it in a few months or years. I think I’ll be updating my blog from time to time as well (I mean.. once you see the interior that we picked, you’ll understand why!), but most of the house-related activity will be on Youtube. If you’re interested, I’m going to be using this channel for my future lifestyle videos and vlogs. I also have another channel, which is my Disney channel. So if you’re in for some cute Disney related videos and vlogs, feel free to check that one out as well! Both channels will be in English.

Speaking of Disney, my next Disneyland Paris audition is coming up next month. This time I’ll finally be able to actually accept a contract if it gets to that point, unlike last time when I had to refuse the contract because of school.. I’m really hoping I can move to Paris this summer or fall, but it all depends on that one audition! I’ll keep you guys up to date on the auditions, mostly through twitter.


Last thing I want to mention is that I’m literally bouncing up and down of excitement, because I have SO much new stuff that I want to show you guys! Stuff for the house, clothes, accessories, beauty products and also lots of Disney stuff (the latter will soon appear in a haul on my Disney Youtube channel). I have so many outfit posts that I want to share, to show all my recently bought fashion picks, but I’m afraid that’s really going to have to wait until I finish internship. So this summer you can expect crazy amounts of cute outfits coming your way! And lots of amazing interior posts, too.. I don’t know about you guys, but I. SERIOUSLY. CAN’T. WAIT. (And let’s not forget that I’ll FINALLY be able to read and comment on your blog posts as well! As for now, I hardly get to read any blogs at all..)


Lastly, I’d like to ask you for some suggestions! I want to buy myself some good inspirational books (also decrative coffee table books!) for after I finish my internship. I have ordered ‘Little Black Book’, ‘The Illustrated World of Chanel’ and ‘ Influence of the Olsen Twins’. I’m also considering ‘Lauren Conrad Beauty’, ‘How to be Parisian’ and ‘Chanel’. If you have any of these, or if you have any suggestions for other inspirational books — please let me know!!


What’s up in your life? What are you REALLY looking forward to in your near future?


I’ve been waiting for you 2016!!


You know, this time I’m not even going to mention the fact that I’ve been MIA for too long. Oops, I did it anyway. One word: college (actually I was going to say ‘final year of college and crazy deadlines’, but that’s not one word).


So.. HAPPY 2016 TO ALL OF YOU! I hope you have a lovely year ahead of you full of exciting experiences and good health. I know people say this every year, but this time I’m jumping onto the bandwagon right here — 2016 is going to be MY year! I’ve been waiting for this year for all my life, because for as long as I can remember sixteen has been my lucky number. And little did I know that some major things would actually happen in this particular year! For starters my boyfriend and I can move into our first house this year! After a big delay, we can finally say that the expected completion date is in april, so that’s definitely something to look forward to. And this is also the year I’m graduating college if everything goes according to plan. Freedom! As of that moment I want to try to get into what they call ‘fulltime blogging’, something that I’m dying to start right this second, but unfortunately I’ll have to be patient and wait until summer.

And of course – sorry not sorry for mentioning it again – I’m looking forward to my next Disneyland Paris audition! Hopefully I’ll pass this one again. Because this time I won’t have to turn down a contract to go back to college, like last time. No sir, this time I’ll actually be free to go whenever they need me! Fingers crossed!! I’m also attempting to keep my toes crossed (who can actually do that?!) in hopes of getting a face character contract!!


I’m not really superstitious, but I do have to admit – if this dream of mine comes true this year (along with all the other great events that are happening), it can’t be coincidence.. ‘Sixteen’ would really prove itself to be my lucky number!


What are you looking forward to most in 2016?


PS. Like I said I’m going to be active on this blog and my social media fulltime this summer, but until then I’ll try my best to upload as often as possible! I also have a lot of vlog material from my Disneyland Paris Christmas trip (which was amazing, by the way!), so I’ll be uploading that soon! Please bear with me as I’m trying my best to keep up! :-)


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