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A shift in the blogging world


For as long as I can remember I’ve always been that girl with the slightly weird interests (now don’t get any weird ideas), the ‘different’ hobbies and the unfamiliar sense of humor. And you know what’s funny? I think I am finally doing something that is considered normal for once. Hooray to me becoming a normal human being – sort of, at least!

Let me explain myself a bit, before you start thinking I have some weird fetishes or something (I’m refering to the earlier mentioned ‘slightly weird interests’ here), because I really don’t! That is, unless you would call my Disney obsession a weird fetish – which I honestly can not fully disagree on… oh dear. Anyway, what I was actually hinting at is the fact that I was kind of a ‘geeky’ girl. Well not really, but I can’t find another word right now. I would enjoy playing games on my Nintendo 64 daily, which later evolved into an online game on the PC. I also created and managed websites at the age of 10 (no, not the ‘websitemaker’ kind, I would actually create websites from HTML codes in notepad) – lil’ tech savvy girl, aye? Also I would purchase clothes online from YesStyle before online shopping was considered normal and I would get asked tons of questions about that. I like to think that I did all that stuff before it was cool. Someone, hand me a pair of hipster glasses please!

A while ago I used to feel like an animal at the zoo when I told people about my blog. Some would understand, some wouldn’t. But every single person would have questions and make me feel kind of uncormfortable about the whole thing. I know that it was mostly just out of interest, but to me (and my history of not-so-ordinary hobbies) it would feel a bit intimidating. I mean, how self-centered does it sound when you tell someone you take pictures of yourself and write about it? I was at that point that I wouldn’t talk about my blog much.

As of right now, I am noticing some sort of shift in the blogging world. ‘Blogging’ has become a term that even the ‘normal’ crowd has come to understand. When I tell people I have a blog now, they don’t even look up. It’s more like ‘okay cool – moving on!’. Sometimes, when the topic comes up at work and I’m with elderly, I get ready to explain what it means, but they’re like ‘oh blogging, my granddaughter does that too! She gets a lot of free stuff and writes about it’ (still, it’s funny how the free stuff always comes up). Nowadays everyone and their cat seems to have a blog. I personally really like that! It comforts me. Sure, some would see it as competition, but I like to see it as a challenge. A challenge to be yourself and stand out from the rest!


Are you noticing the same change around you?


My Disneyland Paris trip in polaroids

Disney-polaroid-polaroids-disneyland-paris-vintage-retroprints  Disney-polaroid-polaroids-disneyland-paris-collage-vintage-retroprints-polabora  Disneyland-polaroid-polaroids-disney-paris-vintage-retroprints

We’re almost three weeks past Christmas already, but my mind still tends to wander back to Disneyland Paris, where we spent the holidays. I haven’t mentioned much about the trip on here (let’s just forget the fact that I haven’t been showing much activity at all lately) but now’s the moment to catch up a bit!

Let’s cut this short – the trip was absolutely magical! I watched some of my friends perform in the parades, had a little chat with my favorite Princess, got to watch Mickey and Minnie light an enormous Christmas tree, spent three nights in an amazing hotel room (seriously!) and overall I simply had a great time together with my boyfriend. On such a trip you snap the most beautiful pictures and I have been thinking of printing my favorites to showcase them on the wall..

Memories in polaroids

Honestly, what better way to showcase your favorite pictures than in polaroids? You know, those shiny vintage photographs with a white border! I picked 20 of my favorite Disneyland photos (I sneaked in some of our previous Disney trip, too! Couldn’t resist!) and had them printed on glossy polaroid-like photosheets. What I like the most about polaroids is the fact that they look good wherever you put them! They look great in photo albums, in your wallet, on your fridge door or hanging on a thread on the wall. They also do good on Instagram… Just so you know… ;-)


I ordered a ‘Pro set’ from the ‘Vintage prints’ on Polabora. This set comes with 20 high quality glossy polaroids and costs €9,99 (they ship internationally, by the way!). The process of ordering is really easy — you pick a set, upload your favorite photo’s directly from your PC or even import pictures from your social media accounts, and voila! A little tip from me personally is to go with a certain theme. It looks really good if they’re all edited with the same filter. :-)


By the way, if you’re interested in the trip, I’m uploading Disneyland vlogs on my YouTube channel! :) From now on my YouTube channel is going to be my main Disney outlet, instead of just my blog. So I’ll be talking about my audition experiences (hopefully also work experiences soon!) and other Disney-related stuff on there!


How would you showcase your favorite polaroids?

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