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Suede button-up trend with AydaMoa

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I’m guessing we are all aware of the current suede button-up trend. To everyone who isn’t — hey, I like that rock you’re living under! My friend Ayda and I decided to team up and create some cute matching outfits, incorporating this trend! The pictures were taken by Silvy at the ‘I LOVE BEAUTY’ event last december.

Ayda just started a blog herself and it’s already looking amazing! She will be blogging about beauty, fashion, personal experiences, her life as a cat mommy, online/offline purchases, books and basically anything that pops into her mind. She is also a starting actress, playing a part in two series so far, so she will blog about all that sorta fancy stuff as well! Check out AydaMoa and don’t forget to follow her!


What Ayda is wearing:

Long button-up shirt: Miss Selfridge
Black jacket: Only
Shoes: Timberland
Watch: Daniel Wellington


What I’m wearing:

Turtleneck sweater: ZoYou
Button-up skirt: ZoYou
Booties: Michael Kors
Bag: Michael Kors
Hair extensions: Foxy Locks


Do you like the suede button-up trend?


DeniseJoanne X ZoYou || Statement T-shirt

ootd-outfit-fashion-blogger-actually-a-mermaid-statement-tshirtkopieootd-outfit-fashion-blogger-actually-mermaid-statement-tshirt-zoyou-greyootd-outfit-fashion-blogger-actually-mermaid-statement-tshirt-zoyou-denisejoanne ootd-outfit-fashion-blogger-actually-mermaid-statement-tshirt-zoyou-denise-joanneootd-outfit-fashion-blogger-actually-mermaid-statement-tshirt-zoyou

Ohhhh, you guys! Today’s a special day! Remember that post in which I shamelessly spilled some of my ‘secret’ and seemingly unachievable dreams? Yeah, one of those dreams partially came true! No biggie at all.. It’s just a first baby step to my dream of designing clothes. Excuse me while I try to act cool and conceal my exitement! Weeeee! :-D

So! In collaboration with ZoYou, I got to design my own statement t-shirt! It was extremely hard to pick the right text, but in the end we both agreed that this one’s a winner! ‘I’m actually a mermaid’ can appeal to any girl (I mean, who isn’t secretly a mermaid deep down? Am I right?) but it’s also a slight hint to me as a person. Because.. Well, you know.. My mild Disney addiction. :-) The choice of font, on the other hand, was a very quick and easy decision because I simply adore this style and I think it goes very well with the t-shirt and the text!

As you can see in the pictures, the t-shirt has a very comfortable fit and a simple round neckline — easy to combine with fun necklaces and other accessories! The quality of the fabric is amazing and it feels thicker and more luxurious than a regular t-shirt. Gosh I’m in love :-).

And the best thing is — this t-shirt is actually being sold as we speak! So you guys can rock this Mermaid statement t-shirt too if you’d like! Shop this musthave on the renewed ZoYou webshop (seriously, take a look at it! It’s a amazing!). Use code ‘DENISEJOANNE‘ for 10% off of the Mermaid shirt (valid until the 31st of december)!

What I’m wearing

T-shirt: ZoYou
Fluffy Jacket: ZoYou
Faux leather shorts: Boohoo
Booties: Michael Kors
Necklace: eBay
Hair extensions: Foxy Locks


If you could design your own statement t-shirt, what would it say?



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