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Fruttini ‘My Red Carpet is Cherry’


I think I’m seeing a pattern here. Cherries seem to be a trending topic on this blog lately. After officially declaring my love for Clinique Cherry Pop lipstick and Mac Cherry lipliner (‘blog official’ is right up there with ‘facebook official’, right?), I think it’s time for another cherry-related product review! Let’s say this one’s the cherry on top. Ha!

Back in december I visited the ‘I LOVE BEAUTY’ event in the Netherlands where I picked up some goodies. One of the things I brought home with me is a line of lovely smelling skin care products called ‘My Red Carpet is Cherry’, by the brand Fruttini. I had never tried this brand before, but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! Their products are very affordable and what’s best about it is that they’re vegan! I’m not a vegan myself obviously, but I am a fan of anything nature friendly. So my picks were a body scrub, shower gel and a hand cream. They had so many more amazing products, but I just felt the need to buy these three pieces of the cherry line. Because cherry.

The body scrub and shower gel have a very similar smell to them, it reminds me of cherry-flavored candy so it makes me happy. :-) If you’re not into sweet or fruity scents this might not be what you’re looking for, but otherwise you’ll love it! The hand cream smells a bit different. I find it a bit less fresh and fruity and more warm and cozy.. Is that even a way to describe a scent? It could be just me, but it’s as if I can smell a subtle hint of vanilla mixed with the cherry.. I love it!

The hand cream is exactly what I need in these cold winter months, because my hands tend to get dry a lot. This cream is a life saver and it has deserved a worthy spot in my bag! The shower gel and body scrub do exactly what they need to do — nothing extraordinary. But that SMELL.. holy potato. It’s just too good, I can’t even.


Are you into fruity scents?


Ps. This was completely unintentional, but my friend Ayda – who also bought these products at the event – uploaded her review on the exact same day! Make sure to check it out!


ARI by Ariana Grande

Ari-Ariana-Grande-Perfume-scent  Ari-Ariana-Grande-Perfume-scent-review-blog  Ari-by-Ariana-Grande-Perfume-scent-review-blog

Let’s talk about Ariana Grande for a moment.. Everyone seems to have an opinion on her these days. That’s so funny to me, because years ago when I would drop her name people would look at me confused.. ‘Who is that?’ And then I’d have to explain that she’s an adorably silly redhead in this teen show called Victorious. I loved her back then and I still love her to this day.

When I heard she was bringing out her own perfume a few months ago, I just knew it would be a sweet scent. Might sound weird, but her taste and mine seem to be so similar! So since I’m a sucker for sweet scents I was sure Ari would come up with something sweet. And she totally did! Last month I decided to finally treat myself to a flacon of this ‘ARI by Ariana Grande’ and I am being completely honest when I say that this is my favorite scent as of right now (yes, it’s tied with my all-time favorites Chanel Mademoiselle, Lancôme La Vie est Belle and Gucci Guilty Diamond)!

Top notes: pear, grapefruit, raspberry
Middle notes: muguet, roses, vanilla orchid
Base notes: musk, blonde woods, marshmallow

Reading about the top, middle and base notes made me really happy — I love me some fruity and flowery scents! And can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that one of the base notes is marshmallow.. MARSHMALLOW!! Who would’ve thought that’s even possible?

Overall, ARI is a very cute and girly perfume, with a hint of ‘feminine’ and ‘flirty’. The durability differs per person, but for me this scent lasts a very long time! Of course the intensity decreases after a while, but the base notes are noticeable for at least the rest of the day. The other day I could still smell the perfume on my wrists the day after applying, when taking a shower (is it just me or does the smell of perfume intensify when you’re taking a shower?).


Have you tried ARI by Ariana Grande yet?