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Spectrum Marbleous makeup brush set


Hola girlies! I’m alive! I’m overflowing with good news, but since my last few posts were all announcements and life updates, I  figured my comeback after a couple months of silence shouldn’t be yet another catch up session. But let me cut it short – I graduated, we pretty much moved into the new house and I am enjoying this luscious new thing called FREEDOM! Of course, now comes the part where I am desperately looking for a job to rebuild my savings account, because let me tell you – this girl is B-R-O-K-E. Enough about my situation, let’s talk marble.

I mean, who doesn’t love the glorious and minimalistic print of marble? The internet’s full of it these days, and so are the stores. Heck, even my mom has her share of marble items scattered around the house. Most of those things are just decorative though, so how about something absolutely functional in marble print for a change?! I’m talking about makeup brushes here! Spectrum is a brand that sells makeup accessories inspired by our favorite mythical creatures like unicorns and mermaids, (obviously obsessed here!) and a while back they added this so-called Marblelous brush set to their collection.

Marbleous makeup brushes

The Marbleous collection consists of three different sets and an additional makeup bag. There is the 8-piece eye set, which – as the name gives away – comes with 8 brushes meant for eye makeup. Then there’s the 4-piece contour set, which gives you four big and sturdy face makeup brushes, perfect for applying foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter. And last but not least there’s the full 12-piece set, which comes with all the previously mentioned brushes. I own the latter and I would genuinely reccomend it to any makeup (and marble) lover!

No unicorns were harmed in the making. Vegan registered and cruelty free.

– Spectrum

Spectrum calls this set “The most Instaworthy brushes you can own!” and I simply cannot disagree with that statement – they are extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye! And on top of that they are also very comfortable to use. The super soft bristles made of real unicorn hair (duh!) have amazing blending capabilities and they just feel so GOOD! The only downside to this set is the first use – getting these beauties dirty really aches the heart.


What is your favorite marble item?

Signature line

Fruttini ‘My Red Carpet is Cherry’


I think I’m seeing a pattern here. Cherries seem to be a trending topic on this blog lately. After officially declaring my love for Clinique Cherry Pop lipstick and Mac Cherry lipliner (‘blog official’ is right up there with ‘facebook official’, right?), I think it’s time for another cherry-related product review! Let’s say this one’s the cherry on top. Ha!

Back in december I visited the ‘I LOVE BEAUTY’ event in the Netherlands where I picked up some goodies. One of the things I brought home with me is a line of lovely smelling skin care products called ‘My Red Carpet is Cherry’, by the brand Fruttini. I had never tried this brand before, but I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised! Their products are very affordable and what’s best about it is that they’re vegan! I’m not a vegan myself obviously, but I am a fan of anything nature friendly. So my picks were a body scrub, shower gel and a hand cream. They had so many more amazing products, but I just felt the need to buy these three pieces of the cherry line. Because cherry.

The body scrub and shower gel have a very similar smell to them, it reminds me of cherry-flavored candy so it makes me happy. :-) If you’re not into sweet or fruity scents this might not be what you’re looking for, but otherwise you’ll love it! The hand cream smells a bit different. I find it a bit less fresh and fruity and more warm and cozy.. Is that even a way to describe a scent? It could be just me, but it’s as if I can smell a subtle hint of vanilla mixed with the cherry.. I love it!

The hand cream is exactly what I need in these cold winter months, because my hands tend to get dry a lot. This cream is a life saver and it has deserved a worthy spot in my bag! The shower gel and body scrub do exactly what they need to do — nothing extraordinary. But that SMELL.. holy potato. It’s just too good, I can’t even.


Are you into fruity scents?


Ps. This was completely unintentional, but my friend Ayda – who also bought these products at the event – uploaded her review on the exact same day! Make sure to check it out!


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