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Business cards

Finally, the day has come that I decided to get myself business cards. Me and business, what a joke!

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Lately I’ve been to some blogging events, thanks to my friend Silvy. Once you introduce yourself as blogger at such an event, the first question that you usually get is ‘do you have a business card?’. Ummm, nope! I might be labeled as a blogger, but little do they know that I just started out and I’m still building everything from scratch with zero experience. And let’s not forget that this is just a hobby of mine – I really do wish it could be more than that, but unfortunately school and work disagree (for now…).

Being the creative girl that I am, I couldn’t resist designing some business cards anyway. Just for funsies, no biggie! Turns out that I actually quite liked the design and before I knew it I ordered 100 of them. Quite the impulsive buyer, hmm? Webshops would love me.

Business Card Denise Joanne Blog Blogging

I ordered my business cards from Vistaprint (not sponsored, no worries!), which is a company that prints your designs on business cards, shirts, pens, posters, stamps – you name it. Having these cards with my name and my big smirking face on it makes me feel so.. serious. Like this innocent little blog of mine is actually a big deal. One can dream, right?

I deliberately chose for the cheapest option. Just a basic card without any fancy extras. No extra thick paper or shiny three-dimensional letters. And I’m completely fine with it. Once I run out of these maybe I’ll try the more professional options. Who knows how soon that is, since a lot of the cards have already magically been claimed (cough, family).

Fashion Blog Blogging Business Card Denise Joanne DeniseJoanne

The front of the card shows my logo, full name, blog URL, e-mail address and social media options. And let’s not forget my big ‘charming’ face, ha! The backside shows a picture of one of my outfit shoots with the caption ‘Fashion’, since that’s my main interest. Also in the bottom right corner it shows one of my favorite quotes ‘Never too old to be a princess’ that I posted to Instagram a while back. It’s a subtle hint at the fact that I like to blog about Disney occasionally.

Who knows, if we ever meet you might receive one of these as well, haha! Lovely, Denise. Very lovely.


Do you have your own business cards?



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