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Brighten your home

It’s March! The month in which we welcome spring and say ‘see ya!’ to winter! The weather will get sunnier and the days longer. This thought makes me feel so happy! What better than to adjust your daily surroundings to match with your fresh and positive mindset? Let’s decorate our living space! Brighten your home!

Now let’s be honest – I love a white ‘n bright home anytime, but it’s especially charming during spring! It brightens, it looks clean and it allows you to play with all kinds of colors. In this post I’m sharing some fresh inspiration for spring. From our house to yours!

Flower cageHow cute is this vintage bird cage? I decorated it with faux flowers and greens to bring spring into my bedroom, and pink pebbles to fill the bottom of the cage. All it needs is a little birdie!


White bookI think that greens go really well with the bright white theme. I like to keep the green plants very plain and simple so it doesn’t distract too much. I guess it’s a bit inspired by the popular Scandinavian style. Very minimalistic and stylish. Add some woods and it’s perfect!


CactusTalking about green – meet my little triplets! These baby cacti are about 10 centimeters in height and they’re simply adorable!


Cactus cageYeah, I have a thing with decorative bird cages. You can be so creative with them, like I did in this picture! You can also put a nice scent candle in there. Hmmm – how about a fresh apple scent?! Totally puts you in the mood!


Zebra ContrastHow about this? To break up the white a bit, let’s put in some black. This contrast looks so classy and timeless! The white brings light into your room and the black details make it appealing to the eye. Anyone who’s familiar with the current Ikea collection will recognize this zebra canvas, it’s a perfect way to add contrast into your house! And look at our dining area. Why would you buy six chairs of the same color?! Think outside of the box!

And if anything should fail, you can always decorate your home with a little birdie. :) Hahaha – this little fella wanted to be in the pictures as well! Say hi to Boo!


April 25I love stuff like this. A block calendar! It adds so much personality to a plain corner. I just wouldn’t rely on it too much as I tend to forget to change the date everyday! For this picture I set the date to april 25th, because that’s a very special day to me!


BrushesNow let’s not neglect our makeup stash. Your favorite brushes also deserve a spring-worthy home! How about organizing them in a watering can? When I spotted this watering can in a store I just couldn’t leave it there. I knew that it would come in handy someday!


FlowrsAnd let’s not forget, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet! This one was a valentine’s day present. You can never have enough flowers in your home! It’s both colorful and healthy!


Do you decorate your home for different seasons?




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