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REVIEW | H&M lip products

H&M is one of my go-to stores when it comes to fashion basics. But did you know they also have a huge assortment of cosmetics? I’m trying out nine H&M lip products!

H&M lip products

I’ve had all of these products for quite a while actually, and I took these pictures way back for my previous blog. I never ended up posting it, so I though I would take the opportinity today! I’m showing you five shades of lipstick, two lip pens and two lipglosses. All of the pictures below were taken without any base layer on my lips. No liner, no lip balm. What you see is what you get! Also, some pictures might look a bit messy, as I wanted to show what these lip products look like without touching up any mistakes. I think that way this review is more honest and helpful to properly judge these products!

Alright, let’s dive right into it!


H&M lipstick Pink Glove

Lipstick – Pink Glove

Honestly? Not a big fan of this one! I think light pinks are always the tricky shades when it comes to lipstick. The application wasn’t all that smooth and I feel like this lipstick defines the fine lines in your lips, making them look quite dry. The color is very sheer and it comes off very fast. I do believe that, when used with a proper lipliner, it might look really cute. I have to admit that I have never used this lipstick again after taking this picture, so I might be mistaken!


H&M lipstick Darling Pink

Lipstick – Darling Pink

Darling Pink is a lovely pink shade with a somewhat coral undertone. I think this is the most girly color out of all of these! If gives your face a very cute and innocent twist. The application is way better than Pink Glove’s, but it’s also quite sheer and it doesn’t last very long. I have tried this color with a coral lipliner as a base, and I have to say that it’s way more pigmented and it lasts longer that way! I don’t wear it all that often, but I do like this color a lot! I think I’m going to rock it more often this spring and summer.


H&M lipstick Up All Night

Lipstick – Up All Night

A classic bright red lip color. You can’t go wrong with this for a night out, am I right? Application is smooth and the color stays relatively long, compared to the previous two. I would say the color is very pigmented. Which is good of course, but it also makes the edges are pretty sharp, so any mistakes will be visible (as you can see in the pictures, especially on the bottom lip). I honestly think Up All Night is a great budget-proof bright red shade, but I would wear it over a red lipliner to prevent messing up.


HM& lipstick Downtown

Lipstick – Downtown

I really like this one – it’s probably my favorite out of these five lipsticks! It’s a deep wine red that I especially liked wearing during fall. I must admit, I expected it to be a tad darker, especially when comparing it to the color on the website, but I still really like it. The application is perfectly fine and it’s quite heavily pigmented.


H&M lipstick Purple Rain

Lipstick – Purple Rain

As the name implies, I expected this color to be way more purple-ish. In fact, the picture on the website is very purple. The product itself? Not so much. It’s still a nice color, but I just wish it was more purple! It’s a nice variation on the Downtown shade, I think. They’re quite similar, but different. The consistency is pretty much the same, too, and I also loved wearing this color during fall.


H&M lip pen Million Dollar Lips

Lip pen – Million Dollar Lips

The application of these lip pens is very smooth as the consistency is creamy. It’s a pencil that you can extend by rotating the silver part on the bottom. The color is pigmented, but it does fade relatively fast. I don’t like wearing it just like this, but I do like using it as a base for the Up All Night lipstick as it smoothes out the unnaturally sharp edges a bit!


H&M lip pen Honeysuckle

Lip pen – Honeysuckle

What can I say? This product is pretty similar to Millin Dollar Lips, consistensy-wise. The color is a bit softer and more of a deep pink, rather than red. The fact that the pencil is so creamy and the point is so thick and blunt, makes the application kinda tricky. As you can see, I made a smudge booboo on the bottom lip in the corner. :’) The upper lip looks good, though! I like this color and I sometimes wear it just like this to school.


H&M lipgloss Nude Dude

Lipgloss – Nude Dude

This lipgloss does exactly that it says. It makes your lips look nude, dude. Well, your own natural color kind of nude. It adds a layer of shine to it which makes your lips look a bit plumper and more hydrated. I don’t wear if often as I don’t like the fact that my hair always sticks to my lips, but that’s just generally my personal issue with lipgloss, haha! No offense to this product!


H&M lipgloss Berry Lips

Lipgloss – Berry Lips

Wow, the color of this gloss is gorgeous, I have to give them that! Very pigmented with a deep red – almost purple – undertone. I like how it makes my lips pop and shine. Just too bad that I’m not that good with lipgloss.. Again, no offense to this product! I actually really adore the shade!


All items were bought from the H&M website about two years ago, but they still sell these shades.. The lipsticks are sold for €4,99 each. The lip pens and glosses will cost you only €3,99 each.


Did you ever try cosmetics from H&M?

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