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Hello loves! I am Denise, the person behind this blog. Joanne is one of my two middle names, the other one being Simone. I’m a Europe-based blogger, located in the Netherlands to be precise, but I’m willing to go all over the world someday – no limitations! I work part-time as a fitness coach and Les Mills instructor and I’m currently in college, majoring in physical therapy. I’m considering getting my master degree in pediatric physiotherapy after graduating my current course, since I did an amazing internship and a minor course in pediatrics, but I’m still not sure where I want to go carreer-wise. In all honesty, my biggest wish is to perform as a Disney Princess at my favorite place on earth – Disneyland! I’m obviously a Disney fanatic! :) In my spare time I’m a dedicated fashionista and I would love to combine my future job with the fashion industry, if possible. For now it’s just a hobby, which I’m expressing through this blog. Oh, and I’m also a bit of a geek at times – just so you know!

I can’t really put a label on my fashion style. I’m pretty much like a chameleon. I can and will rock any style that I like. From chic to casual, girly to edgy, trendy to boho. It differs from season to season. Although I do have a thing for cutesy summer clothes such as A-line skirts, crop tops and short dresses in florals (or basically any cute print), pastels and creamy tones.


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In my very first blogpost – in which I’m telling you more about me, my intentions and where I’m going with this blog –  I said that I wouldn’t keep to a tight schedule of blogging daily. Back then I wasn’t aware of the fact that I would get this attached to my blog. So here I am, changing the rules! I am now publishing a new blog post five times a week, every monday to friday. I would like to upload during weekends as well, but I think the weekend would be the perfect time for readers to catch up. I think that uploading literally every day would be too overwhelming, and people would skip posts. So monday to friday are upload dates, saturday and sunday are days for catching up on some reading! :) I am, however, 24/7 active and available on social media and e-mail.



As this blog is relatively new, I’m still working on expanding my audience. For a full overview of my growth and traffic, go to my traffic page. Below is my Google Analytics stats of the month june 2015.
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A huge thanks to my close friend Silvy for making this layout a reality. The design had been on my mind for quite some time, but I struggled to make everything work. That’s where Silvy came in, whom is far more talented in web design than I will ever be. She recreated the examples I made in Photoshop into a real theme and I’m really grateful for that! After I spent a (very imformative) weekend of Googling CSS I was able to add and tweak stuff here and there to make it completely to my liking!


Thank you so much for stopping by to read this! Enjoy my creative outbursts and make sure to leave a comment. For any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact me!