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5 popular blogging fonts

Did you ever notice that there are some recurring fonts when you browse through your favorite blogs? Some of them I like to use myself occasionally, and today I’m sharing those with you!


Popular blogger fonts blogging

I think that fonts are a really powerful thing, especially when you’re trying to brand your blog, company, website – anything that involves text, really! A font can make or break your brand. When you’re working with long paragraphs of text, you should go for a font that is pleasant to the eye and easy to read fast. Working with small texts or quotes in images (or even titles, maybe) you can go a bit crazier!

You have your Arial, Tahoma, Century Gothic, Verdana – the usual. They’re all great fonts (let’s not talk about Comic Sans, though), but every computer or laptop already comes with those. I’m sharing some fun popular blogging fonts you can download to your PC for free! Besides, I noticed a lot of bloggers like to use them, mainly in titles or images. So if you want to make your blog look like a typical bloggity-blog blog, you could use these! .. Psssst, but then again, blogging is all about standing out, isn’t it? ;)

To download the fonts, click the images!



Raleway popular fonts font


One of my absolute favorites – Raleway! Also goes by the name of Raleway Regular. This font looks great in both capital and small letters. It’s actually the font I’m using for my post titles, capitalized. It just looks very clean and it’s easy to read. I personally wouldn’t use this font for big blocks of text, but it’s great for emphasizing certain words or lines.



Moon flower popular fonts font


Who hasn’t seen these tall letters on their screen before? A lot of webshops and small companies are using this font as well nowadays! It’s really cute and quirky, without being messy or overly girly. This font looks great in images!



Bebas Neue popular fonts font


Try saying that name, it sounds funny! The font itself isn’t that funny though – it’s seriously gorgeous! It could be just me, since I’m into bold capitalized letters. But since I’ve been seeing it on several blogs, I think a lot of peeps share my love for this font!



Signerica popular fonts font


Feeling all fancy-pancy? Try using this font! I love how stretched out it looks. I do have to admit that I’m not a fan of the capital D, but the C is gorgeous! (Yes, I have a weird preference for certain letters in fonts). I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be to spell out ‘Coco Chanel’ in this font. Let’s see..Signerica popular font fonts coco chanel.. oh, that’s gorgeous! Its seems like that name looks good in ANY font. It’s the letter C.. Definitely the letter C.. Time for a name change. From now on, I’ll be known as Cenise Coanne. Pleasure.



Oswald popular fonts font


Probably my current favorite font – Oswald! It’s pretty similar to Bebas Neue (say it again), but it’s a bit more subtle. Also at it’s best when capitalized. I love this sans serif style (which means it doesn’t have those little hooks) and it’s totally hot right now! The must-have among fonts!



What is your favorite font?



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