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Staying happy when life gets overwhelming

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Sometimes you just need to remind yourself of the good things in life, because the bad things seem to be overhelming. Right now is one of those moments for me. College is a mean potato that seems to block out my happy feelings. I don’t like that feeling of uncertainty and not being in control, especially now that so much depends on it! I know I’m not alone in this – everyone has been there. I wrote down some tips and told myself to read them whenever I feel down. And since I am the owner of this itty bitty part of the world wide web, I decided to share it on here! So when life feels overwhelming, think of this…


Think of what’s ahead of you

For me right now, that’s an upcoming trip to my second home – Disneyland Paris (duh!). We’re celebrating christmas there and I’m so excited to experience the magic again and see some of my friends who work there! Also – with school in mind – my graduation gets closer and closer each day. If I manage to pass my thesis, internship and some other projects, I’ll be a college graduate in about eight months (better start practicing my speech – ‘Dear school, I will not miss you at all. See ya.’) and I can finally chase my dream and temporarily move to Paris for my dream job! (Uh oh, there we go again..). AND let’s not forget – in april my boyfriend and I can finally move into our house! Please, allow me to perform some awkward dance moves while I am high on excitement.

Hey, it can always be worse…

Oh my, doesn’t that sound charming? It’s true though. When I feel miserable about my school projects and I feel like binge watching Netflix in my PJ’s with a comforting pint of Ben & Jerry’s on my side (all for my own, obviously), I try think of a worse scenario. Let’s be real – I passed all my assessments, tests and projects on first try (except for the very very last test, which I fortunately did pass during the resit) and I am in my final year, kicking ass! Some of my fellow students weren’t that lucky and are still stuck in a previous schoolyear. I am so sorry for saying this but.. man, am I glad that’s not me! And I tell myself ‘dude, you rock’. And then I’ll probably watch Netflix anyway.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

First let’s get this straight – there’s no killing of any sort involved in what I am talking about (thank god..), we’re being figurative here, okay? Bear with me. I mean – I’m positive we’ve all heard this quote before. Cheezy as it sounds, it’s so remarkably true! Think of all the hard times in your life. At the time, you probably wanted to get hit by a sleeping curse and fall asleep for 100 years to get awakened by true love’s kiss and live your happily ever after with your Prince Charming and forget all the times you felt like you failed in the past (am I right?). But in the end, you always find a solution to your problem. You always win the fight and you always come out stronger than before! We truly learn from our mistakes.


And don’t forget – sleeping on it usually works too (no sleeping curse involved in this one)! One day you might feel miserable and the next you’re shining bright like a diamond! When we sleep, our mind ‘resets’ itself and clears all the bad thoughts. That is, unless you bring them up yourself again, but hey – let’s not, okay? So don’t worry! Life comes with its hardships, but it also comes with solutions!


And if all of this doesn’t work.. do what I just did — blog it out!


What I’m wearing:

Top: H&M
Pants: Coolcat
Denim button-up shirt: H&M
Sneakers: Adidas
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: Chanel
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Why it’s good to change things up

Outfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-autumn-fall-fluffy-vest-jacket-ripped-jeans-zoyou-denise-joanneOutfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-autumn-fluffy-vest-jacket-ripped-jeansOutfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-autumn-fall-fluffy-vest-jacket-ripped-jeans-fall Outfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-autumn-fall-fluffy-vest-jacket-ripped-jeans-zoyou-denisejoanneOutfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-fall-autumn-fluffy-vest-jacket-ripped-jeansOutfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-autumn-fall-micheal-kors-bag-booties-boots-mk Outfit-ootd-fashion-blogger-autumn-fluffy-vest-jacket-ripped-jeans-fall

As a girl who apparently likes to put herself out there on the internet on a daily basis (how can you even put this in words without it sounding self-absorbed?!), I figured it’s a good idea to switch up looks every once in a while. Aside from a handful of ‘major’ changes (major in my books, at least) such as changing my hair color back and forth from the darkest brown to platinum blonde years ago, I  have always been a boring person who doesn’t change appearances a lot. I think now is the time to get some autumn vibes going on. Seasonal changes are good for us, and I’ll tell you why!


A fresh start

It’s no lie – giving yourself a good makeover feels like a fresh start. The new you can conquer the world! Or at least let’s pretend you can, haha! The way we look can affect how we feel throughout the day (just think of your last bad hair day.. I rest my case), so a change of looks can really change our perspective. And with this new positive attitude you’ll get stuff done that you seemed to struggle with before.

Seeing something new in the mirror

It’s easy to get bored of yourself – yes, I am speaking from experience here – and that can affect you negatively. I feel that whenever I’m bored or frustrated with the girl in the mirror, I stop trying. I don’t wear makeup, I put my hair in a messy bun and I tend to desperately reignite my on/off relationship with my sweatpants. Not a good thing, because it usually puts me down a negative spiral and leaves me unproductive and grumpy. Changing up your looks occasionally will prevent this from happening too often!

Get noticed and receive heartwarming compliments

Let’s be honest – it’s good to receive genuine compliments from others! I know some people find it hard to get compliments *raises hand*, but a well-meant ‘hey, you look great today!’ or ‘I like your outfit!’ is always very appreciated. I know it’s difficult to believe that the compliments might be genuine, but you’ll learn to accept that it’s the truth eventually. It’s a great boost of confidence and you’ll feel good about it, I promise!

A good excuse to go shopping!

Need I say more? Go try new styles and pieces of clothing that you would usually never go for! Find new textures and endulge in new colors! Don’t forget to also buy yourself a new makeup stash – if you’re used to a neutral lipstick, try a bold color instead! Consider wearing a colorful eye look or add fake lashes. Play around with your look and you are guaranteed to fall in love with something you had never thought you would!

So visit the hair salon and ask for something different than the usual trim! Go shopping and renew your wardrobe! Change up your makeup routine! Work it, girl!


What I’m wearing:

Turtleneck top: ZoYou *coming soon*
Fluffy Jacket: ZoYou *coming soon*
Ripped jeans: ZoYou
Booties: Michael Kors
Belt: Petrol Industries
Bag: Michael Kors