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5 Tips on being positive in the morning

Good morning, lovely folks! Are you an early bird and already up and ready for a new day or are you still in bed reading this post? I’m usually the latter. Mornings are definitely not the favorite part of the day for most of us. A bad morning can turn me into a vicious monster sometimes – oopsies! How can we try to wake up with a positive mindset? How do we turn our grumpy morning mood into a happy and fresh one? I’m giving you 5 useful tips!

OUTFIT | Black jumpsuit

Hi lovelies, how is your week going so far? Just looking out the window makes me so happy right now! The sun is shining and the temperature is allowing us to change into our favorite spring outfits. I like layering, but it just can’t beat the feeling of going outside without a jacket or coat, don’t you think?