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OUTFIT | Casual leather

January was like a blur, it went by so fast! The same goes for february, it’s almost over as well. We can actually start counting down again – ’10 more months to go’.. My most memorable thing of the past month was definitely the four-day trip to Disneyland Paris. Also Valentine’s day was really nice. I woke up to a beautiful bouquet saturday morning! As of now it’s going to be a long wait until another highlight is going to happen for me. I feel that january, february and march are the most boring months of the year. Nothing really happens and the weather is grey and cold. I can’t wait for april, that is usually the month the sun starts shining and the temperatures go back up over here – if we’re lucky, that is.

‘Liebster Award’ nomination

Hi there, lovely folks! This blog is obviously still brand new and I got ‘tagged’ already! I wasn’t planning on doing any tags yet, since I want more fashion content on my blog before I start sharing personal posts. But this tag is a really nice initiative. It’s called the ‘Liebster Award’ and the purpose is to draw attention to relatively new blogs with less than 200 followers – count me in! Whenever you get tagged (or rather; nominated) you answer some questions, then nominate 11 other bloggers (under 200 followers) and create new questions for them. And don’t forget to link back to the person who tagged you, of course!